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In 2013

    ·January:Be the Authorised distributor of Holland Ammeraal in GoungDong.

    ·May:Be present on CRTS CHINA 2013 International Rail Transportation Exhibition

    ·June:Attend the Eleventh China (Guangzhou) International Auto Parts Expo

    ·July:Organized training by Shenzhen city Consultants Co senior consultant in cascade management company

      for a whole year

In 2012

    ·July:Founded German branch company and located in Darmstadt, Germany.

    ·September: Be a agent of Alfa Laval for pharmaceutical industry in Shenzhen area.

In 2011

    ·April: Became the China area General agent of  Nadella

    ·August: Acquired the distributorship  of Konan in Hong Kong 

    ·November: Be the authorized distributor of Alwayse

In 2010

    ·April: Christie, the Global Chief Sales Officer of 3M Group’s Accuspray, visited our company, and

      successfully negotiated about the general distributor of 3M in China.

    ·May:Get the distributorship of SOMMER in China

    ·July: The CEO and related principals of Pneumati visited our company.

    ·August: Relocated to East tower, Meijing Building, Wenjin North Road.

    ·September: Became the sole distributor of Spectrum Illumination’s  industrial light source products in


    ·December: Won the best distributor of Interroll

In 2009

    ·September: Obtained the authorized agent of Baumer

    ·Became the general agent of Pneumatis in China



In 2008

   ·July:Acquired an independent authority of Imp. & Exp. opened up a new forward of business development.

In 2006

   ·June: Founded the first oversea branch—Hong Kong Branch.

   ·December: Achieved the first double growth on sales performance.

In 2005

   ·December:We cooperated with LEUZE Company and became its agent

In 2004

   ·March: We cooperated with Interroll and be its authorized distributor

In 2003

   ·October: Vicarage was founded at Jianguo Building Aiguo Road, Luohu District,Shenzhen.



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