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Job responsibilities: Channel Sales Representative

Job requirements

1, more than three years working experience in sales, with sales calls or distributors,project developers and other channel development experience is preferred;

2 of customers, strong analytical skills, able to accurately grasp customer needsanalysis;

3, logical thinking and meticulous, with good communication skills and negotiation skills for sales;

4, have good customer service consciousness;

5, love sales work, rich team cooperation spirit;

6, bachelor degree or engineering background is preferred.



Job responsibilities:

1, from the channels to customers (dealers, traders, contractors etc.) active inquiry,analysis and judgment, cooperate with purchasing team, contributed to the ordertransaction;

2, take the initiative to develop new channel customers (dealers, traders, engineering);

3, mining and analysis of customer needs, complete the business negotiation and achieve sales target;

4, negotiating and signing the sales contract, follow up for collection;

During 5, contract execution, exception handling;

6, to assist in the collection and analysis of products in the industry, the marketfeedback information, to provide the reference for the marketing planning.





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