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Job responsibilities: Sales Engineer (Senior Engineer)

Job requirements

1, bachelor degree, engineering background is preferred;

2, more than five years for equipment manufacturers, end users, project sales,Siemens and other industrial products sales experience, can take the initiative todevelop industry customers and work independently, familiar with the logistics industry,electronic industry, petrochemical and other any;

3, good at communication, public relations and business negotiation skills;

4, with sharp market sense of smell, and can independently analyze and judgecomprehensively and accurately to customers, project or product and competitors and other market information;

5, rich team cooperation spirit.




Job responsibilities:

1, grasp the main performance, the company product characteristics, target market and sales policy

2, actively develop new customers and customer maintenance work, complete thebusiness negotiation and achieve sales target

3, provide for the customer the product selection or related technical support

4, the target market investigation, analysis and feedback, to provide referenceinformation for the company marketing plan.

5, responsible for sales outstanding



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