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           Since founded in 2003, Shenzhen Vicarage Science & Technology co.,Ltd has been well-known by many customers in the same industry based on good management, perfect service and excellent product quality.

   Recently, we found someone who feigned as a sale of Vicarage to sell ship parts in Marco Polo, Chinese Suppliers and other sale platforms. In order to prevent this illegal events happen and deceive customers and partner, to save customers and our profit, we make the following statement:

  1. Shenzhen Vicarage Science & Techonlogy co., Ltd has been registered in the State Administration for industry an commerce. Any unit or individual without authorization can not to take Vicarage as his usage, otherwise will be serious infringements. Vicarage reserves the right to pursue legal responsibilities.
  2. Shenzhen Vicarage Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a global oriented, focused on equipment, general and special parts in industrial field, import and export business service trader. More detail in the only official website: www.vicarage-tech.com.
  3. Shenzhen Vicarage Science & Techonology co., Ltd is located in Rm5101-5105,East tower, Meijing Building, Wenjin North Road Luohu District Shenzhen. Any customer or partner who meet the suspicious individuals or enterprises of fraudulent use of our name, can call our phone +86-755-25401178 to confirm. All personnel of Vicarage use enterprise QQ(starting with 2850700***).

  The frauds may use multi ways to do illegal activities, our customers and partners please concern to avoid unnecessary losses. To those who have all kinds of disputes and losses not caused by cooperating with our company, our company will not bear any legal responsibility.

  Hereby declare.



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