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Installation of electric roller

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(I) Installation of electric roller with hold-down support: The electric roller should be securely earthed. The lead wirefrom junction box should be protected using metal hose or other means, and the hose should be fixed onto the rack. Installation based on horizontal position with an angle of inclination of less than 5° is allowed. The internal structure should be specially treated if the angle of inclination is greater than 5°. For electric roller of higher than 18.5KW and requiring davit-mounting, the support material should be steel.

(II) Installation of electric roller without hold-down support: the axle center of roller body should be perpendicular to the centre of belt conveyer, fitting the square flat portion of the supporting axle head into the elongated slot in the mounting plate on the rack, ensuring that the clearance ranges from 0.2mm to 0.3mm, which is not appropriate if excessive. Some models require no junction box; therefore, the power lead wire from an elbow should be protected using a hose, and the electric roller should be securely earthed.

(III) Installation of electric roller with brake: It is only allowed to revolve in a specified direction.

Precautions for operation of electric roller

1.   Electric roller should operate at an ambient temperature of not higher than 40℃.

2.   Protection devices for such as overload, single-phase operation and emergency braking, which are compatible with the selected electric roller, should be equipped for the electric control circuit, and the enclosure of machine body should be properly earthed.

3.   All parts and components of the conveyer should be mounted exactly according to the related stipulations before trial run.

4.   Trial runs should be carried out respectively in no-load and loaded modes. The complete machine should run smoothly in no-load mode, free of shocks and loud periodical noises.



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