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Dam light village is located in Shenzhen Longgang District, Kwai Chung, LonggangDistrict, Kwai Chung town located in the eastern villages, Yanba high-speed terminal.Is one of the most beautiful villages in Shenzhen. Baguang village back hill by the sea, beautiful scenery, still retains the primitive landform. Hundreds of old buildinghas gone, but still well preserved. The old house in back range upon range of mountains, dense forest, coastal long. The most surprising is the coastal andsilverleaf trees. Heritiera littoralis is a rare species of mangrove tree species, currently the world's only Japan, India and China can see. This is a piece of silver leaf forestgrowth of more than 300 trees of different posture of Heritiera littoralis, of which the highest age has reached more than 500 years old. Many Shenzhen people becausesalt PA highway and know "dam light", and many more are only heard "dam light" name, and did not seek "dam light". Baguang village is located in a remote, is the so-called hidden in the depths of the human did not know, is currently in Shenzhenremain not much, untapped virgin land. Here the blue sky and white clouds, the low hill mountain, forest luxuriantly green, green is broad, is a good place for visitors toleave the city and feel the natural. Dam light because here has not development,ecological environment keep very good, there are large tracts of mangrove forest,flocks of egrets, also near the volcanic rock landform Island, beach, very suitable forthe people of Shenzhen over the weekend leisure. With the development of the tourism industry, now has become a good place for leisure city people spread. Listen to the birds singing in the morning, noon sea fishing, evening at the sound of the waves and enjoy personally captured fish shrimp, sea breeze accompanied by sleepat night. Baguang village to give people the feeling of "Xanadu".

Baguang village consists of 18 natural villages composition, spread over 16 km of coastline, much looked like the Shanhai inoculation of pearls baby. Here the hiddendam light people proud of two things are proud of: the trees and the sea......






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