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Badminton friendly glance

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In October 25, 2013, 18:00, Honghu primary school badminton hall, after the "refueling, refueling......" The chants from here comes the night with winds, nervous and intense, permeability of lively and active, - Hui Jia Jie Technology 2013 AnnualBadminton friendlies are the curtain.

The combination of men and women 8 Racer is elected by all departments in the company. By ballot form decides the rival format admission from the outset to floor the atmosphere of joy

Lit, athletes, referees, cheerleader one one place, events begin immediately, whitebadminton in the light pick, smash in the sky to draw a perfect arc, from time to timehappy combination of strength and beauty leaping figure will show incisively and vividly.

Approximately 2 hours duration, champion no suspense to the dust has settled, below the glasses "dark horse" runner up and the second runner up team wish list, break out in cheers, applause, the event ended successfully.















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