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Shenzhen Vicarage Scinence&Technology Co,Ltd. reached an agreement with the British company ALWAYSE

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    Recently, Shenzhen Vicarage Scinence&Technology Co,Ltd. and the British ALWAYSE company to reach agreement on the sales of its universal balls and other products in the Chinese market, become its products on the Chinese market agents.

ALWAYSE was founded in 1939, the site located in the industrial city of Berminghamof england. He is the founder of universal ball, the company has become an important part of the field of material conveying. In 2006 March, ALWAYSE companyfor the development needs to move to the new plant, covering an area of 35000square feet, specializing in the production of the universal ball. Its products are 70% exported to more than 60 countries around the world.

Whether for loading equipment or feeder, or delivery of goods, materials, in the alternative reel round or linear logistics operation, universal ball can provide an important service plan. ALWAYSE production of the universal ball are used all over the world industry.

ALWAYSE company's products are mainly divided into the following four types, of which the universal ball is the main product.

1, a universal ball

ALWAYSE production of the universal ball used in many aspects, such as the heavywith minimum effort for smooth, accurate handling, change and can be done in any direction. Also includes goods, baggage handling, production line. For example,castors, loading and unloading, pull the sliding door system of the machine, the machine tool etc.

ALWAYSE not only can provide a universal ball consulting and supply, but also to achieve the conventional design and assembly type production.

2, conveyor

A: belt conveyor

ALWAYSE provides a series of standard size of the conveyor, also can according tocustomer requirements to design such as wire mesh belt conveyor belt conveyor, beltconveyor or food quality etc.. Conveyor size range: length 500mm-18m, width 50mm-1.54m.

B: gravity and gravity roller conveyor roller

ALWAYSE roller size range: 25? Mm to 89? Mm, load range: 10kgs - 900kgs. Gravity roller conveyor has the advantages of low cost, maintenance free, easy installationand durability advantages. In the transfer of goods and packaging, gravity rollerconveyor is you the most economical choice, in addition, gravity roller conveyor can also help you save space.

C: linear axis roller conveyor

ALWAYSE linear shaft roller conveyor is a simple and efficient electric roller conveyor,flexible use, the system, 90 DEG and 45 DEG bending 180 degrees, and evenmobile. Mainly through the roller roller below by polyurethane belt clutch and durableconnected to a drive shaft groove drum, electric line and electric motor connected lineshaft drive with high efficiency, reliability and low maintenance etc..

3, rolling wheels, castors

When you need a caster, the following factors will affect your choice: load force,rolling degree, the floor condition, other factors such as operating environment.

What is the maximum load capacity of load force - considering gravity, van? The possibility of overload, shock load?

Rolling degree - if the load is manually, considering human factors, should choose the actual disk maximum diameter, bearing wear, easy to force wheel slip. On the polished floor, pedal hard roller more easy to slide, so special attention should be given to the rolling degree soft tyre type wheel.

The floor of the factors - floor is smooth, whether there are obstacles or harmful substances on the floor?

Other factors - impact load conditions, whether it is fragile or fixed shape products,the wheel is no trace of the wheel, or anti-static wheels, manual propulsion andelectric wheel; in the internal or use on public roads used load; stability; water, oil,acid, alkali, metal cutting and thread existence; the temperature is too high or too low;building materials, quality, health, industrial, commercial and other will influence your choice.

4, glass moving wheel

The advantages of glass handling wheel: instant change of direction, and can ensure the stable moving in the plane on the fragile and polishing. At the same time glass moving wheel is designed for the conveying wheel environment design of the wet dry.

The ball round selection: Polyurethane wear red, and black rubber used for mostother usages. Alwayse floating castors for planar easy manipulation, such as wood flooring, granite, plastic surface.




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