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Shenzhen Vicarage Scinence&Technology Co,Ltd. reached an agreement with America SI company

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  Recently, Shenzhen Hui Jiajie Technology Co., Ltd. and the United States SpectrumIllumination (SI) a preliminary agreement on the sales of its industrial lighting products in the Chinese market, become the exclusive agent of its products in the Chinese market.

American Spectrum Illumination (SI) as an international industrial machine vision inhigh brightness LED light source of the pioneers, due to large light source has a lot of advantages for mining image analysis, so the light source products broke the light source market to small and primarily, begins with a large high brightness LED light source products, mainly used in the automotive industry, glass surface detection, the printing industry, textile industry detection and so on. Compared with the ordinary light source, the SI heat sink in the use of super bright light emitting diode also has built-in light source, for a long time to work 10000 hours. Optical microscope light source SI products can also be equipped with different degrees, can be arbitrarily setto illuminate the scope of work and brightness. SI light source has driven companies rely on the core technology, to achieve advantage in the international market.

Most of the light source has a luminous body as infrared, not only to meet thecustomer requirements for brightness, but also the use of infrared invisibility makes the light source light does not influence the operator's operation. SI light source can reach 1.5 meters long, is currently on the market is known as "the largest market,lighting". LED lamp on the market have special requirements for power supply, once the current instability, image detection cannot continuously, affect the production line.And SI light source with drive adjustment function, can guarantee the stability of thecurrent within 0.01 percentage points, thus avoiding the influence of unstable currenton visual inspection, so that light dependent on power supply become history. "The use of driving the advantage of being able to stabilize current, resistance driven also with analog adjustable, and a can to control the brightness of 0 to 10 volts.





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