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The Japanese Showa techno industry Chinese market development for Mr. Sakuma two degrees to our study, AC Southern China area agent

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In October 26th, Japan Showa techno industry in China market development for Mr. Sakuma two degrees to our study, AC Southern China area agent.

This time, Japan Showa techno industry China for Mr. Sakuma second times to ourvisit. In September, Mr. Sakuma's first visit, the Japanese Showa techno industry in the Southern China District authorized agent issues conducted a preliminary study and exchange of views. Have quite a high degree of cooperation intention of both parties.

During his visit, Mr. Sakuma with us for a more in-depth communication, attend the meeting have authorized agency department sales manager, sales engineer,marketing department of the relevant responsible person, general manager of the company and the. Our products mainly from application, product features, product technology, promotion direction, discuss and exchange of competitors, industry application, and emerging applications in industry and other aspects.

The Japanese Showa technology research company, founded in 1966, is Japan's most famous manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of rotary joint, rotary joint, rotary joint products. Product design novel, sophisticated processing, reliable performance, no leakage, long service life, convenient maintenance, the model series, suitable for the application of various materials, viscosity, temperature,pressure and velocity, are widely used in plastics, chemical industry, papermaking,metallurgy, iron and steel, machinery, semiconductor industry, enjoyed a highreputation in the same industry in the world.







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