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The first free shuttle bus run formally.

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The first free shuttle bus run formally.

To provide convenient conditions for employees commuting, first free shuttle bus line has been officially running ~ ~ ~ the running line: since the company set out, on and off duty time from Shenzhen Nantou checkpoints along the North Central Avenue, a stop, living in Baoan District, Nanshan District, and North Central Avenue Interchange, along the Longhua New District Meilin kilometer colleagues can take the shuttle bus.


One, running time: every working day commuting

Two models: Toyota, equipped with 23 luxury travel and Pakistan

Three, routes and stopover point:

Company to Nantou checkpoint, the North Central Avenue, stopover site: Silver Lake bus station bus station bus station, Futian Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine


The origination point

The departure time

Stop (1)

The silver car station

Stop (2)

Futian Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine


Nantou customs

(Sinopec gas station next to the right side of the entry)




Go off work






Four, commuter bus service providers:


Shenzhen * * car rental company officially registered in industrial and commercial administration bureau of Shenzhen City, is one of the first large car services, car rental companies. Since 2005 the company operating since, uphold the principle of “ the good faith management, the credibility of the first ” the purpose, has won many subject such as Futian Bonded Zone Authority and other municipal organs, Wei founded large enterprises of commuter bus services, Shenzhen has twenty-sixth Universiade designated partners. During the service, to provide third party liability 1000000, passengers 500000 / the highest amount of insurance. Equipped with professional, senior drivers implement the one to one service customer.






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