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Vicarage made his debut CRTS CHINA 2013 International Rail Transportation Exhibition

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    CRTS CHINA international rail traffic exhibition, is the only rail transportation industry, Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly approved the establishment of the exhibition, an important platform for international network is also the foreign enterprises to enter the China and Asian emerging markets. The exhibition in 2013 May 5-7 day held in Chinese Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, exhibition area reached 36000 square meters, attracted from 500 domestic and foreign exhibitors and more than 30000 global buyers to visit.

    As a famous French Pneumatis company's general agent in China, the company articles of Pneumatis company a variety of high-end airbag products to participate in this exhibition, booth H1 hall T218 District 2.

Technology R & D the French Pneumatis company has been focusing on industrial air bag series products, rubber material formula and processing technology of the productis the core competitiveness to create the industry leader, the company is the bag manufacturing industry be worthy of the name leader, in Europe and the United Stateshave the most extensive user group. In China domestic, its high-quality airbagproducts have been widely used in paper making machinery, locomotive pantograph,car, train, amusement equipment, testing equipment, chemical industry, construction,electronics, military, ships etc. all need stroke adjustment and vibration isolation,damping facility location.







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