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Vicarage 2013 spring travel

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 March is like a song, Qi Yin peach Liulv, prosperous scene of all things. In the warm spring breeze, Vicarage a pedestrian embarked on a spring outing journey. On the bus, innovative load laugh. Sea pilot "brick", cited various "wheat" Qi Liang phase. Do you Changba my debut, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Japanese and english...... The joy of the journey is the beginning.


Smile with lively eyes

The happy time always let a person feel short, two hours away in everybody's singing and laughter in passing, we did not feel boring and hard car. At ten thirty in the morning we go to the spring outing to the first station - South of the Five Ridges water village, just to catch up with the local "folk wedding" performance, you join us. Look, that is the chapel is not the company's "Liu less"!  

Water in the marriage custom is really special: the groom wore coconut, meaning have a lovely baby early marriage; not by sedan chair sitting like a boat......
   The wind blowing through the breeze, brought cool, also sent far away the scent of lavender. You are beautiful and of course will not live up to the front of this photo beauty.

After lunch, nap in the car. We went to the spring outing highlights -- Panyu "sunflower garden". Into the Kwai Park, a fragrance of flowers blow against our faces, lavender, rose, Guangzhou sakura...... Dove flying, pig racing, squirrels feeding...... Each of the fun. With all kinds of building, it is no wonder that so many couples choose in this wedding! Jing Mei, beautiful, love.






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