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On criminals "Huijia IT" fake statement

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Dear customers:

The recent continuous received customer focused "Huijia IT" complaints, banner salescommunication, class IC product of the online mall under the banner of Shenzhen Vicarage Scinence&Technology Co,Ltd everywhere to try every trick to mislead the public.Shenzhen Vicarage Scinence&Technology Co,Ltd do hereby declare that our participated in theinvestment and operation of the online mall, online shopping mall and the unrelated toour official website, only http://www.vicarage-tech.com, please customers in the purchase of products and inquiry, please look for the site, to avoid deceived. For the "Huijia IT" borrow I Division in the online mall business license and tax registration certificate behavior, Division I strongly condemn it, if it continues to fraudulent use ofthe name of the company, when necessary, our company will take legal means to safeguard the reputation of the company.

Shenzhen Vicarage Scinence&Technology Co,Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a comprehensive trading company, main electrical and mechanical equipment, agent for the world famous brand, to provide foreign control for domestic manufacturers of automation equipment and accessories, is committed to build the industrial field WAL-MART.




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