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The company organized the first summer camp activity

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 In early 8, Shenzhen Vicarage Scinence&Technology Co,Ltd. internal staff Guangdong HeyuanWanlu Lake scenic area to the company to pay the first summer camp activity.Through the team against the group form, we can deepen the understanding and enhance the team spirit of cooperation, summer no shelter your passion. Is located inGuangdong Zhen Dong Xing Cun Hui Long county of Dongyuan province Heyuan citygreen lake, the original ecological experience tour area recluse in the vast emperormountains, stretching 3.5 kilometers, Ji Qiao, implicit, quiet, odd, dangerous, ancient,clumsy in one. Tour the region Qifeng rocks, Mei Tan waterfall, primeval forest, treesflowers such as the shape Qianzibaitai, different interesting phenomena, beauty of thenatural form, shows the uncanny workmanship of nature's masterpieces.






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