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Company organization of Qingyuan summer tourism

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Recently, a company's employees to Qingyuan tourism, the staff find spare time for leisure in passion drifting and warm spring.

Qinglong Gorge is located in Qingyuan city dragon canyon rafting, about 9 kilometersfrom the urban area of Qingyuan. The river is after drifting expert design, many years of experience in the Beacon Hill drifting of carefully crafted, the drifting more humane.Brave warrior floats, brave warriors Qinglong Gorge River drift, drift, the whole 3.8 km, the total drop of nearly 200 meters, the highest drop 12 meters, the longest gap of nearly 100 meters, the size of the drop more than 130. Journey time of 90 minutes,the drifting Canyon majestic peaks, steep; here open skillful, rocks, towering lush flowers and trees, perennial hazy hazy, can fight, than endurance.

"Sweet Seiitsu far", Qingyuan has always been a "back garden" of the Pearl River Delta is known, it is closely connected with the Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta,from Guangzhou only 60 kilometers away from Guangzhou, the new airport only 30km. Qingyuan has rich geothermal resources, geothermal hot spring water is good,its type is diverse, with the conditions of natural resources developmentcharacteristics of tourism. According to preliminary exploration, the city now has a total value of exploitation of hot spring more than up to 20. At present, Qingyuan in addition to have like the fresh spring old hot springs tourism, in recent years emerged in a number of hot spring tourism's rising star, such as the Fogang Huanghua Lake Hot Spring Resort, a hot spring. Especially in the a hot springs resort as the representative. The hot spring resort was awarded the "top ten hot spring scenic spot in Guangdong Province," and "Guangdong's most family cultural hot" two awards.




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