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Our INTERROLL Interroll awarded the "2011 best agents"

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As INTERROLL Interroll drum series products in the District of Southern ChinaChinese only exclusive agents, agent Vicarage INTERROLL Interroll drum sales since the self agent, has been showing steady growth, in 2011, James Machine continued to maintain steady growth, come out in front in the INTERROLL Interroll drum products agents, Alcan Packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd awarded James machine "in 2011 the best agent" trophy. Interroll is a leading global manufacturer of products for the key unit oftransportation system, the internal logistics and automation. Products include easy driving integrated solutions, such as suitable for electric drum, belt conveyor for conveying system of DC driving and non powered roller; mobile storage module smallenergy saving tray / Distribution Center for the turnover box pallet systems; belt crosssorting machine, turning machine belt and other user friendly applicable conveyormodule in logistics system with cost benefit..

Vicarage will continue as INTERROLL Interroll drum series products in the Southern China region of China the only exclusive agents, cooperation with the INTERROLL company, and will continue to provide excellent products and services for the majority of users.

2011 the best agents





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