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Business process reengineering and optimization (BPR&BPI) training seminars record

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Business process is a kind of expression way of business, advanced process determines the business is advanced and competition status. Enterprises to establish a customer-oriented business process, is to ensure that the strategic goal of the enterprise effective implementation of one of the effective methods.

The Shenzhen city by cascade management Consultants Co chief consultant Hu Xueqian teacher as mentor, business process optimization and reengineering the company all my colleagues to participate in the study (BPI&BPR), is in the changing market environment and customer demand, the company uphold the principle of "to establish the background of the market / customer orientation, to explore the business model, adjust the strategic positioning of the new" next, from the process optimization and reengineering (BPI&BPR) theory concept, all my colleagues to participate in building height, business process framework and the process list: the establishment of enterprise end-to-end process framework and classification process list, to establish a clear framework for the structure of carding process and optimization of comprehensive management, to solve the cross or vacuum; clear human responsibility of all levels of process, the main responsibility to implement process monitoring and continuous optimization. Step-by-step, and then to the main business flow chart combing Optimization: all the colleagues across the sector boundary, as a team as a unit of random combination, with the key process as the representative, one one carding optimization, in the course of new automatic hand to participate in, clear cross sectoral responsibilities and interfaces / CO relation, break departmental barriers, promote the Department of consensus formation, the use of BPI&BPR theory knowledge, standards and methods of drawing tools, new business flow chart, standard manuals, for subsequent guidance work flow system (E) management, training new people and so on, providing a clear standard guide to historical experience to let the company in the development process to accumulate, precipitation and inheritance.

This special training seminars, lasted nearly a month, is a sub field, finally 2013-6-22 (Saturday) at the Bao Lin Le Grand Large Hotel 29 floor conference center, by the fresh, optimization and reengineering of the 24 basic business process declared: the training research projects successfully, successfully come to an end!




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