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The 2014 annual welcome party perfect ending

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In December31, 2013, at the banquet hall of Reservoir Seafood villa, very member of Vicarage got together. We shared the happiness and bitterness in the past year and celebrate the coming year. Lights were on and music sounded. The general manager Yang made a new year speech in the warm applause. In his speech, manager Yang confirmed every member’s effort and hard working in 2013 and declared 2013 was a year full of passion and hope, very one moved forward courageously to try and achieve our goals. In the coming 2014, we will have a new journey together.



When the diner was in progress, the shows prepared by our staff moves the party to a higher atmosphere. And the little games and prize made the atmosphere to utmost. In the song of Ming Tian Hui Geng Hao( Tomorrow will be better), the party made a perfect ending. Every member proposed a toast: Happy New Year.



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