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Y2013 Annual meeting memory

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On January3-5, 2014 mangers and outstanding employees held the Year-end summary meeting at a villa resort in Nanao Shenzhen. The themes of this meeting included the main points following: summarizing our company’s works in 2013, analyzing the problems, causes and strategy of the keys works, brainstorming in group, discussing the company strategy and key works of all departments in 2014. What’s more, we gave a further explanation to our company values to devote our company to bring more profit to our customers and every member in Vicarage. In order to have a sustainable development, we need to work hard, respect the general rule in universal, devote ourselves to work and hold the company’s core value.

General manager Mr. Yang Qinghong at the meeting put forward each department manager is not only military master but also political commissar, they need to combine these two roles. The core backbone members also should strive to work a breakthrough at the same time, to assist other colleagues to grow, this is the company and staff development the most important foundation.

The meeting lasted 2 days, ended on the afternoon of January 5th, the original ecological as the land of idyllic beauty like the quiet environment, on mountains, in addition to having an antique Flavour house and European style villas, and our strict and orderly work, bright and happy face figure.


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