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The 2012 Summer travels in Hainan

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2012 Summer travels in Hainan

   The endless blue sea, soft sand, thick tropical scenery; even the coastal city of Shenzhen, Hainan is still in the numerous travel choice wins, become our 2012 annual tourist destination。

   The departure time is at noon, shining white in the sunlight also failed to cover the Sihao guys before jumping for joy, the first stop laughing all the way. We arrive at Haikou, have ye Cheng of the Haikou City, everywhere fruitful coconut trees, wearing special markings on the trunk straight standing and facing the salty sea breeze, waving at me welcome.. the next trip on the jade belt beach, Wanquan River, boundary Island, the ends of the earth, Yalong Bay, we do

Love is submerged in the blue sky as clear and the sun can deep waters, unhindered direct into the sea, a Haitian from guys changed the work of the strict and orderly, immersed in on the front of the sea, and playful cheerful surf play, wanton and enjoy this only Sanya sea can give beautiful romantic and the only dear colleagues to some happy tacit understanding


On the evening of 27 8 points, the lights will go ahead the night of the island decorated Ambilight, return the ferry was leisurely sounded its siren and unable to part from, we bid farewell to the beautiful island. Beauty, Food fusion in we had happy moments, printed in the heart, back, and then together for a long time


2012 Summer travels in Hainan

2012 Summer travels in Hainan






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