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2012 record company Spring Dinner

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        Time to rush, also did not count the fulfillment and joy in 2011 2012, the New Year bellhas been rung. In December 31, 2011, in this new year's day, all the colleagues of Hui Jiajie held "2012 Chinese New Year dinner at the Home Fond Hotel".

        See! Gorgeous site, charming smile, gorgeous lighting, is a sea of joy! Listen to! The exciting music, passionate singing, warm applause, that is each other by saying the heartfelt blessing!


    Yang New Year speech generous and passionate. Looking back on 2011,Weiweidaolai: about process of all James Machine people to struggle and achievements; prospect 2012, persistent: sonorous and forceful tone shows everyHuijia Czech people to meet new challenges and new opportunities in 2012,confidence.

    The banquet began when General Yang and company management layer one one to toast, to pay tribute and send

New year blessings. On the banquet, all the wine, good not lively. The stage lightsshine, you Changba our debut. Channel Sales Department directed the stage play,cleverly included company management terms, the company's core values andbusiness concept incisively and vividly, humorous character deduction will be the climax of the dinner!

Company Spring Dinner

In the evening, individual and team we have for the year 2011 given in recognition ofoutstanding performance, awarded the "outstanding employee of the year" and "outstanding team of the year" the honorary title, and by Yang general personally asthey presented certificates and prizes. Their 2011 year outstanding performance and work results to win the company of all my colleagues in the unanimous praise andapplause like thunder!

Finally, we welcome the New Year bell in KTV.



Company Spring Dinner

The team game and test everyone's mental, eyesight, strength, and of course thecharm...... The newspaper loading, we find, together, to all the people can stand to theless than 0.2 square meters of newspapers; together string of pearls, the most perfectand see which team cooperation......

Past achievements is a powerful witness, for every Huijia Czech people hard however,2012, believed that with the joint efforts of every, James machine must become better and better.

I wish all the Huijia Czech people in the new year good health, family happiness!




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