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"The record to build the core competitiveness of enterprises" seminar

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vicaragevicarage    With the economic globalization is speeding up and the international economic environment more complex, more and more enterprises recognize the importance of the core competitiveness of enterprises, only one purpose, to make the enterprise long-term remain invincible, and maintain the sustained, stable, coordinated development. Without exception, yang to build the core competitiveness of enterprises also have a firm belief and expectation, he said, the company adhere to the honest good,..; sharing win-win concept of core value view is since the founding of the company always advocates the idea, is the value of the Hui Jiajie member common pursuit, value evaluation standard, healthy, sustained enterprises cultural construction, is the cornerstone of creating the enterprise core competitiveness, development, maturity, expects every Hui beauty as in the past to jointly safeguard, inherit and develop Hui Jiajie's enterprise culture.

So what is the core competitiveness, it and touch it, see don't see between corporate culture and what is the origin of the core competence, we now is what kind of a situation, the future we should where to create a unique and lasting competitiveness?


In December 1, 2012, Shenzhen Zhu Yuan Hotel, the company of all my colleagues in the pool, a symposium entitled; build the core competitiveness of enterprises, Shenzhen cascade Management Consultants Limited Hu Xueqian teacher is a special adviser to the special meeting.


  Orchestrated by Mr Hu; enterprise culture, culture of the enterprise; lively and exciting show subtle and close contact between the enterprise and the culture, to power such as cooking a small fresh, to the road to the world, the ghost is not God's mysterious, intriguing, survey data of highly recognized, even more exciting is thinking. On the meeting, each member of positive thinking, to speak, to fully exchange of individuals on the core values of the enterprise, the enterprise culture of the feeling and the experience, enjoy the brilliant thought spark burst of pleasure.



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