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Brand logo:Alwayse

Brand introduction:

 The British Always Engineering Company Limited was established in 1939, as the founder of the universal ball, universal ball products, its products for various industries, "smooth from light to heavy material and equipment handling, transporting, moving fast, rotation and other" work provides very important and essential services. Always ball is widely used in: airport, port, shipping, postal logistics system; aircraft and all kinds of transportation vehicles, warehouse, loading platform; heavy industry manufacturing various kinds of electrical appliances; production line; mold manufacturing; glass production and deep processing. Now, Always in the global scope, for almost all industrial fields, a year to provide more than 2000000 universal ball.

Main products: Wan Xiangqiu, universal ball, universal ball table

   alway seuniversal ball




The main models:

The 7128 series, 805 series, 515 series, 1500 series, 3001 series, resin rubber ball series

The product parameters:

Can be installed through rubber pad suitable to automatic leveling purposes, the continuous operation of the working temperature of +70 DEG to the highest C at -30DEG C, intermittent operation up to +100 DEG C. sealing ring using special in some extreme conditions. In a clean environment conditions and not sealed case, the maximum operating temperature to +150 degrees C to +200 degrees of C, organic solvents, gasoline and other oil has anti-corrosion effect is very strong, all the heavyuniversal ball rack are coated with zinc coated black to prevent corrosion.

Mainly used in multi direction moving objects need to smooth, accurate and savingplace

The main application of the classic industry: vertical warehouse, goods and parcel sorting processing, assembly line, casters, mechanical bearing, sliding door system,mechanical worktable, machining etc.



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