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Brand logo:ASM

Brand introduction:

The headquarters of Germany ASM Munich in Germany, with its thirty years of production experience in the technical field of displacement sensor displacement sensor has been in a leading position, ASM products can provide the highest quality products and the measurement accuracy, and continuously in the laboratory of ASM research and development and comprehensive quality management, so that the ASM displacement sensor with high quality and the high accuracy obtained consistent characteristics of refine on guarantee. Displacement sensor produced by ASM are widely used to need the automatic control, detection, monitoring, measuring the distance of position or length, users all over the world.

Germany is the world famous manufacturers of ASM encoder. The main products are: ASM displacement sensor and pull rope type displacement sensor and pull rope encoder WS displacement sensor WS rope sensor WS rope encoder ASM encoder incremental encoder absolute encoder etc..





Germany ASM WS pull rope type displacement sensor can ensure that industry and scientific research in the application of automatic control is accurate, such as: automatic production line, aerospace technology, automotive testing, engineering vehicles, tunnel boring machine, wind power, medical equipment, sawing machine, printing machine, elevator, conveyor belt and warehouse etc..

Measurement of the position of Germany ASM series pull rope type displacement sensor can provide absolute or incremental, measuring steel wire made of wear-resistant stainless steel, the use of different structure, measurement range up to 60000mm sensor, which has good anti vibration and anti shock performance, the highest level of protection IP68, accuracy 0.01%, velocity measured by the displacement of up to 20M/S is a simple, rugged, compact design and other prominent features make WS a rope type sensor becomes the essential solution of various length and position measurement applications.

Germany ASM WS pull rope type displacement sensor is composed of the following components: the accurate calibration of measuring steel wire good, measure the wire winding hoop, a measuring shaft, spring motor, angle sensing element and electronic element can be selected.

Analog signal output includes: potentiometer (resistance), 0-10V, 4-20MA, SSI (synchronous serial A / D conversion) output, zero and full-scale g set forms, digital signal output includes: incremental encoder, absolute encoder, SSI (synchronous serial) output, CANOPEN, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, RS232, DEVICENET, ASIBUS and parallel interface.


The main models:

Germany Aisimu representative ASM model: WS10-1250-10V-L10-M4-D8G, CONN-DIN-8F-W, CONN-M12-8F-G, WS10-500-420A-L10-SB0-M12G, WS10-1000-10-IE24HI-M4-D8G, WS-250-25-IE24LI-SB0-M12G, WS10SG-750-PMU-L10-SB0-D8G, WS10SG-1250-IE24HI-M4-D8G, WS12-2500-10V-M4-D8G, WS12-3000-420T-L10-M4-M12G, WS12-125-ADSI16-L10-SB0-D8G, WS1500-10-M4-D8G, WS12-2000-5-M4-D8G, WS17KT-1250-10V-L10-M4-D8G, WS17KT-10000-420A-L10-M4-D8-SAB2, WS10-100-10V-L10-SB0-D8, WS17KT-15000-420T-L10-M4-D8G, WS17KT-6250-R1K-L10-SB0-D8G, WS19KT-5000-HSSI-L01-M4G, WS19KT-3000-HSSIP-L01-SB0G, WS19KT-8000-HPROF-L01-M4G, WS19KT-10000-HCANOP-L01-M4G, WS19KT-2000-HTL-L01-M4G, WS7.5-10000-10V-L10-M4-D8G, WS7.5-20000-420A-L10-M4-D8G, WS7.5-30000-420T-L10-M4-D8G, WS7.5-40000-PMU-L10-M4-M12G, WS7.5-10000-HCAN-M4G, WS7.5-25000-HPROF-L01-SB0G, WS60-15000-IE58LI-L025-M4G, WS60-30000-IE58HI-L025-SB0G, WS60-60000-HSSI-L025-M4G, WS10EX-100-R1K-L10-KAB1.5M-M4, WS10EX-750-10V-L10-KAB1.5M-M4, WS10EX-2500-420T-L10-KAB1.5M-M4, WS31-250-R1K-L35-1, WS31 -500-R1K-L25-2, WS42-750-R1K-1, WS42-1000-R1K-L35-2, WS31-500-IE24LI-10-1, WS42-1000-IE24HI-6-2, WS31C-250-R1K-L35-A-KAB1M, WS42C-1000-420A-L35-2-KAB1M, LR19-1250-120.00-M4, LR19-2000-163.84-M4, LR19-3000-260.09-M4., LR19-5000-409.60-M4, LR19-8000-667.90-M4, LR19-15000-6000.00-M4, WGS2-1500-10V-TA-L10-D8G, WGS2-2000-420A-T5-L10-D8G, WGS2-ADSI-V250-L10-D8G, AWS1-345-420T, AWS2-180-10V, AWS1-90-PMU...

Germany Asm ASM magnetostrictive displacement sensor representative models:

PCST21-1500-10V-D8G, PCST21-500-420T-D8G, PCST21-5750-SSI-KAB3M5, PCST21-1000-10V-D8G, PCST21-2500-420T-D8G, PCST21EX-500-10V-KAB3M5, PCST21EX-1000-10V-KAB3M5, PCST21EX-1500-420T-KAB3M5, PCST21EX-2500-420T-KAB3M5, PCST24-M18-100-10V-D8G, PCST24-M18-1000-10V-D8G, PCST24-M18-1500-1-SSI-M12G, PCST24-3000-5-SSI-D8G, PCST25-M18-100-10V-KAB3M5, PCST25-SV-500-420T-KAB3M5, PCST25-Z3/4-1500-10V-KAB3M5, PCQA21-1500-10V-D8G, PCQA21-1000-SSI-KAB3M5, PCQA22-1000-420T-D8G, PCQA23-2000-PROF, PCFP21-500-10V-KAB3M5, PCFP21-2500-SSI-KAB3M5, PCFP22-500-SSI-KAB3M5, PCFP23-2500-420T-KAB3M5, PCRP21-500-10V-M12G, PCRP21-100-420T-KAB3M5, PCRP21-1500-SSI-M12G, PCRP21-1500-10V-KAB3M5...



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