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Brand logo:Rexnord

Brand introduction:

American Rexnord industry group (REXNORD) is a global leader in the complexprocess of mechanical transmission parts manufacturer, with a long history of 130 years, is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. The main products are: chain plate, belt, industrial bearings, gear reducer, aviation parts, special parts, shaft coupling and industrial chain, has a 60% market share in North america. In 2005 May the United States Rexnord industrial group company merger in American fork. In recent 100 years, the United States Rexnord industry group to promote and stimulate the development worldwide transmission of industrial equipment, the existing staff of 5000 people, more than 30 manufacturing plants, more than 200 delegates, multiple service center and warehouse.

Rexnord reducer



The main products are: chain plate, belt, industrial bearings, reducer, aviation parts,special parts, shaft coupling and industrial chain etc..


The main models:



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