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Brand logo:Flender

Brand introduction:

Germany Flender group is a professional manufacturer of power transmission equipment is one of the largest in the world, was founded in 1899, is headquartered in Germany in Bocholt City, has been 100 years of manufacturing experience. There are 14 manufacturing plants in the world, marketing network all over the world, there are more than 7000 employees, annual output value of 1800000000 Mark. In one hundred years, leading to its technical resources, strong technology, manufacturing leading the excellent product quality, the highest in the world to drive industry. As Europe's largest maker of coupling, coupling torque range Flanders production covering 10 Nm to 10000000 Nm, the production of various uses of the reducer, coupling, gear motor and motor, power 0.2-20000Kw coverage. The product range includes elastic coupling, high elastic coupling, rigid coupling, gear coupling, diaphragm type couplings, hydraulic coupling, clutch, torque limiters. So Flanders can provide an optimal solution for you according to your requirements of the industry, provide a reliable connection for nearly all industrial sectors.

The main models:

1.N-EUPEX type elastic coupling pin

2.N-EUPEX-DS type elastic coupling pin

3.BIPEX claw elastic coupling

4.RUPEX rigid pin type flexible coupling

5.ELPEX ring type high elastic coupling

6.ZAPEX-ZW gear coupling

7.ARPEX diaphragm coupling

8.FLUDEX hydraulic coupling

9.AUTOGARD steel ball type torque limiter

10.ARPEX-ARK diaphragm type torque limiter

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The main models:



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