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Release time:2014-05-05Browse the number:2011

Brand logo:Hydac

Brand introduction:

 The German HYDAC Technology GmbH professional production for the fluid element and device filtering technology, hydraulic control technology, electronic measurement technology, is the world famous filter, accumulator, hydraulic valve, electronic products, pipe clamp, an electromagnet, a hydraulic system assembly of hydraulic component manufacturers. The application scope of HYDAC products is very wide, covering almost all walks of life, in particular, are widely used in metallurgy industry, automobile industry, power equipment, chemical industry, engineering machinery, papermaking industry, shipbuilding industry and machine manufacturing and other fields.

The main products:

The accumulator Technology: accumulator, accumulator, diaphragm type accumulator, shock absorber etc..

Fluid filtration technology: various types of hydraulic, lubricating oil filter, filter oil vehicle, vacuum dewatering cart, oil detection instrument.

Process technology: special media filter, automatic backwash filter.

Electronic measurement technology: pressure, temperature, flow detection switch, sensor and display, fault diagnosis instrument.

Cooling technology: Oil / air cooler, water cooler, all kinds of cooling device, pump.

Hydraulic control technology: hydraulic direction, pressure, flow control valve, proportional valve, ball valve.

Hydraulic, lubrication system assembly: lubrication and hydraulic power station, control valve, hydraulic actuators for various uses.

Pipeline installation technology: ball valve, pipe clip, flange, pipe joint, hose assembly, quick joint.

Other: the pressure gauge, pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure hose connector, liquid level gauge, air filter, bell jar etc..

    Hydac filter element



      Hydac filter





The main models:



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