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Brand logo:Kinetrol

Brand introduction:

British kinetrol Co. Ltd. (Kinetrol Limited) was founded in 1958, is a vane type rotary cylinder inventor, specializing in the production of rotary type control equipment of the enterprises, and patented in many countries, more than 30 countries in the world have branch offices and agents products. The company since its inception, has been producing millions of sets of rotary cylinder and its control module, has been widely used in the industrial field, the high reliability of the products by the vast number of users of the trust. The main products are rotating type pneumatic control components and systems, such as the control of rotary type control valve and control valve, control and regulation valve, plug valve, damper, rotating cylinder, a rotary cylinder and a reset spring, a limit switch, solenoid valve, rotating cylinder and the rotating cylinder and the gear driving device, a rotary cylinder and a 180 degree converter, automatic resetting handle, a rotary cylinder and a three position locators, rotating cylinder and AP gas, AP gas signal signal locator locator and I/P controller, the rotating cylinder and EL electrical positioner, EHD type hydraulic driving device, special pneumatic driving device, pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, rotary buffer and related technical services.


    Kinetrol rotating cylinder

Last  kinetrol rotary cylinder

A single mobile parts, mechanical device for the most simple and reliable rotary part of the rotary driving device.

No maintenance, long operating life, ensure that 4 millions of times more operation.

Installed directly control module, compact structure, space saving, high efficiency

No crank or gear, millions of devices

Corrosion resistant, durable surface painting

Can choose the driving square convex or concave

Kinetrol quality reliable procedures to ensure every part according to high standard manufacturing.

Every kinetrol must drive through the strict test before delivery.

The driving device can be used to operate and regulate the ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve, throttle and the automatic control door, can also be used for moving and positioning of parts factory production line.

Last will in fact, all the situations requiring 90 rotary motion can use mouse mouse mouse mouse


The main models:



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