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Brand logo:MTS

Brand introduction:

The full name of MTS is testing and Simulation of mechanics. MTS systems are mechanical performance test and simulation system of the largest global suppliers, is the pioneer and leader in the field. MTS main products include: automotive performance, vehicle and component testing system, the static and dynamic material testing system, testing system of aircraft parts and the whole structure, the surface of nano hardness analysis system, biological structure test and simulation system, simulation system of building structure test and seismic, geological and soil testing system, all kinds of load, displacement and strain sensor, linear servo motor, hydraulic pneumatic cylinder, all kinds of servo control system.

In the field of industrial control, MTS systems are the first company in the world to open up the magnetostriction measurement (MagnetostrictiveSensing) technology companies, and registered patents. All the time since, MTS sensor technology in the global scope, always be way ahead. The innovation of science and technology and technical support to MTS company has been in a leading position in the market.

MTS magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor and the liquid level meter, suitable for different kinds of industrial automation industry, provides two kinds of innovative and reliable quality choice for industry requirements for accurate measurement. MTS displacement sensor can measure for mechanical travel 10 meters, and the liquid level meter can measure up to 22 meters of large oil tank. Since 70 time development, there have been more than one million sensors installed in different industrial environment.

The application scope of MTS displacement sensor is very wide, from the metallurgical industry, steel rolling equipment, such as injection molding, die casting machinery industry, printing and packaging, wood processing, forest industry, vehicle and walking machines of industry and agriculture, dynamic recreation simulation system, medical equipment; and oil, stone, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food processing, and sewage disposal etc. industry. Our customers throughout the world, the international well-known size enterprises have been widely and long-term use of an advanced measurement technology of our company.

MTS displacement sensor since it entered China 95 years later, by the various sectors of users love, especially in the iron and steel industry users rise sharply, accounting for metallurgical industry to magnetostrictive displacement sensor market absolutely large proportion. Nearly two years of sales is to grow exponentially, many steel mill main and new projects, all using the advanced measurement technique, magnetostrictive.

MTS continuous research and development of novel sensor products to meet market demand, to provide high quality products and high quality for the customer the sensor. MTS is dedicated to all kinds of enterprises, university scientific research institutions to provide products, services and support.

MTS sensor




The main models:

RHM0150MD601A01, RHM0100MD631P102, RHM0250MP101S1G1100, RHM1750MD701S2G1100, RHS1350MN021S2G1100, D70050PO, ERM0850MD601A0, GHMD60H05M02501R01, MK292, RHM0800D601C101121, LHMRGM12501AO, 201542, 380009, 370160, RHM-, RHMM-, RHMD-, RHN0150MRG01A01, RHN-, RH-, RP-, RF-, RPS-, RPM-, RHT-, LH-, LHMR-, LHMDOYYM-, LDMSRPT-, GH-, GHS-, GBF-, GHM-, ERM-, EP-, EPM-, EPS-, PBS-, STC-, 1X340-, EPV-, EP2-, MK292-, GP-, GPS-, EB-, GB-, GHH-, GHA-, TTA-, TTS-, D-, R-, ER-, EH-...

MTS displacement sensor (RHM1000MD701S2G8100 sensor)

The MTS sensor controller (sensor accessories) RHM 0250 M D62 1 C101

The MTS sensor controller (sensor accessories) RPM 0250 M D54 1 C304

MTS displacement sensor (sensor) LHAF 005-MO600 2R2

MTS displacement sensor (sensor) LHAF 005 MO750 2R2

The MTS sensor controller (sensor accessories) RHM 0110 M D62 1 C101

MTS displacement sensor (sensor) LHAP 005 MO200 2R2

MTS displacement sensor (MO20 sensor) LHAF 002




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