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Release time:2014-05-05Browse the number:2798

Brand logo:Plast-O-Matic

Brand introduction:

PLAST-O-MATIC was founded in 1967, the PLAST-O-MATIC valve to continuously push forward the pressure and liquid flow control technology. As a leading manufacturer of plastic valves and corrosion control of ultra pure liquid, PLAST-O-MATIC offers complete design standards and solutions.




The main models:

Types and models of the Plast-O-Matic valve

1, Plast-O-Matic chemical pressure regulating valve (referred to as the pressure regulating valve): PRM series, PRH series, pre series, PRD series etc..

2, Plast-O-Matic pressure relief valve, bypass valve, back pressure valve and anti siphon valve: RVD, rvdm, RVT, rvdt, rvtx series etc.. 3, Plast-O-Matic steady flow valve: FC series, 1/4 "- 3".

4, Plast-O-Matic solenoid valve:

(1), East series models are as follows: east2v6w11-pv east2v6w11-pp east2v6w11-pf east2v8w11-pv east2v8w11-ppeast2v8w11-pf east4v6w11-pv east4v6w11-pp east4v6w11-pf east4v8w11-pveast4v8w11-pp east4v8w11-pf

(2), easmt series models are as follows (coil with 20W: easmt4v12w20-pv easmt4v12w20-cp easmt4v12w20-pp easmt4v12w20-pf) easmt5v16w20-pveasmt5v16w20-cp easmt5v16w20-pp easmt5v16w20-pf easmt6v22w20-pv easmt6v22w20-cpeasmt6v22w20-pp easmt6v22w20-pf

(3), easmt series models are as follows (coil with 58w): this series of models as long as the easmt series models (coil with 20W) in the W20 g58 can be replaced.

In addition, there are PS series, easymt series, easym series, EASM series, easymd series, easmd series, easy series and THP series and so on, because too many models, not one one lists.

5, Plast-O-Maticmpc series valve: mpc012v-ppmpc012si-ny mpc012k-pf mpc012v-pf mpc018v-pp mpc018si-ny mpc018k-pf mpc018v-pfmpc025v-pp mpc025si-ny mpc025k-pf mpc025v-pf mpc031v-pp mpc031si-ny mpc031k-pfmpc031v-pf

6, the manual ball valve ball valve (1): MBV series, too many models, not one one lists. Pneumatic ball valve (2): abv series, ABR series, tabv series and tab series and so on, too many models, not one one lists. Electric ball valve (3): EBV series and TEBV series, too many models, not one one lists.

7, BSD series pneumatic diaphragm valve: too many models, not one one lists.

8, pressure gauge protection




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