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SGM Lektra

Release time:2014-05-05Browse the number:2569

Brand logo:SGM Lektra

Brand introduction:

SGM Lektra level of Italy manufacturing company Lecco special meter, flowmeter, pressure gauge, thermometer is the use of ultrasonic reflection principle detection under atmospheric pressure container liquid level of the liquid or solid material level non-contact level measurement instrument, can be a measurement of various liquid or solid material is widely used in chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, water treatment industrial or civil departments, and can be measured in open channel, the flow weir.

    SGM Lektra液位计

    The main products:

SGM Lektra level meter, flow meter, pressure transmitter, temperature meter, a display instrument.

PTU05/10/15 series ultrasonic transmitter:

Can be used for temperature of measured medium is the highest of 80 DEG C, and is corrosive acid or other liquids and with uniform stirring device (mixer) optimum liquid level measuring instrument at.

- the maximum range for 5m/8m/12m level / distance transmitter

The 1 threaded or flanged process connections

IP68 protection grade

- power supply 24Vdc

No adjustment at the scene of the keys

- 3M output cable

The RS485 interface is connected - output with SWING

- provide a common 4-20mA analog current signal

Technical parameters

Shell: PP

Shell installation: G1

Shell protection grade: IP68

Electrical connection: 5m output cable

Working temperature: -30 +80 C

Pressure range: 0.5 to 1.5bar (absolute pressure)

Power supply: 24Vdc

Power: 1W

The maximum measurement range: PTU05/PTU10/PTU15:5m/8m/12m

Measuring blind area: PTU05/PTU10/PTU15:0.3m/0.4m/0.7m

Communication interface: RS485

Temperature compensation: PT100; -30+80 C

Accuracy: + 0.5% (measuring distance) the highest accuracy is not less than 1mm

Resolution: 0.2mm

LED display: red LED indicator echo accept normal / yellow LED indicating the received echo normal


SMARTCOST type ultrasonic level transmitter:


Low price, small size, light weight, high performance price ratio; the shell is made of polypropylene, clean, simple; can be used in food, chemical, semiconductor industries to non contact type liquid level measurement;

(4~20) mA and two alarm relay output, which can be used to control the remote level monitoring and pump; through the button or by a computer (or PLC) through the RS485 to complete the instrument calibration;

Technical data

Housing material: PP

Mechanical installation: G2 external thread or flange DN50/DN80 polypropylene

Protection grade: IP65 or IP68

Electrical connections: built-in plug pull connector (IP65) output cable (IP68)

Working temperature (-30~70 DEG C), a short period of time can be up to 80 DEG C.

Pressure: (0.05~1.5) MPa (absolute pressure)

Power mode: 12,24Vdc; 24115230Vac

Power: 2.0W

Analog output: (4~20) mA, the maximum load of 750 ohm

Relay output: 2, 2A/230Vac

Communication: RS485

The maximum measuring range: Standard (0.25~5): M

Optional: (0.4~7) M

Blind area: 0.25m

Temperature compensation: PT100, (-30~80) C

Accuracy: + 0.5%, not more than 2mm

Resolution: 1mm

Calibration: the 2 button or by a computer (or PLC) through the RS485 software calibration

Preheating: normal 30 minutes

LED display: LED green flashes that receive the echo,

LED flashes that relay rel1 and rel2 action                     



The main models:

512smart; 522smart; CA101-2;CLN; CLS2; CLS4; CLS7; CLS8; CLS9; CLT4; CLT5;CLT7; CLT8; PS33; PTS; PTU05;PTU10; PTU15; PVI; RAL04; RAL11; RAL12; RAL13;

RL5; RL6; RL8; RPL51; RPL52;RPL53; RPL54; RSL200; SL; SLA2X; SMARTCOST;SWING; TC21; TC22-25; TC26-29; TC30;TC30; TC73R; TL31R; VL501; WP-8; WP-9;

WPAK; WP-BA; WP-K; WP-K1;WP-L; WT2000; WT2000T;RPmag62; SCL600/620/630;Venturi Flumes; AGRITHERM10; AGRITHERM20;AGRITHERM40; MUX; TT; RSL200。




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