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Release time:2014-05-05Browse the number:2705

Brand logo:Tentec

Brand introduction:

Tentec company for hydraulic bolt tensioning device and the hydraulic nut OEM manufacturers, to obtain the ISO9001 qualification. In addition to providing a regular series of bolt tightening tools, Tentec is the biggest characteristics according to the special needs of users customized design, such as the M260 bolt tension, elliptic hydraulic cylinder etc.. In the face of numerous competitors, its unique design and manufacturing process in the field of turbine always installed, bottom flange mounted field, ultra large oil refining tower, nuclear power plant installation, field of coal mining machinery and steel roll is the user preferred.

Vicarage technology is mainly engaged in Tentec hydraulic bolt tensioning lever and the hydraulic nut, the products are mainly used in power plants, steel mills, petrochemical, machinery industry

Tentec torque wrench



The main models:

2SK ,M33-2CTST0033SK

4SK ,M56-4CTST0056SK

4SK,M56*5.5 4CTST

5SK ,M64-5CTST0064SK

6SK ,M80-6CTST0080SK


HTT.9554.003,4SK,M56*5.5 4CTST




HTT1020.197A-4, M33*3.52CTST


HTT1027.207B-5.5,M56*5.5 4CTST

HTT1052.026A-6,M80*6 6CTST

HTT1052.874A-4,M80*6 6CTST





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