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Brook Crompton

Release time:2014-05-06Browse the number:2281

Brand logo:Brook Crompton

Brand introduction:

BROOK CROMPTON is the world's leading supplier of industrial market motor, mainly the production of AC, DC motor, the products are mainly used in various industrial fields, equipment manufacturers, the main application: fan, compressor, pump, processing machinery. With processing factories in 5 countries around the world.                         

    Brook Crompton




The main models:

4M(Flexible:fire resistance2.5'',1'',Motorprotecticn cable set consist of -A/C Heater,-Winding Temp Sensor(PTCthermistor),-Bearing Temp Sensor(PT100))


T-DF180LA  NO:0802-0332217


TU-DF250MB  75kW 4pole

TU-DF355MB200kW  6pole


W-DF315LN to replace the original: 7-AD315L serial number: GEO24748



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