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Brand logo:Burkert

Brand introduction:

A German brand Burkert of Germany, specialized is engaged in the process of product, such as an electromagnetic valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, angle seat valve, check valve, filter, pneumatic drive, sensor and controller such as production and sales. There are currently 4 R & D Center production sites of 35 Affiliated Companies in the world, more than 3000 employees (2013).

More than 60 years, research and development, Burkert has been working in the field of fluid control products and systems for the manufacture of Burkert, now has developed into a has more than three thousand employees, has five production plants, in Germany and France set up a branch in the world more than 40 countries and regions of the transnational group, become the global field of fluid control system the leader.

Main products: Burkert solenoid valve, Burkert process control valve actuator system, Burkert,

The Burkert sensor, the Burkert micro flow system, Burkert mass flow controller / proportional valve, Burkert controller, Burkert multi pass sanitary diaphragm valve

1.Burkert diaphragm valve


    Burkert diphragm valve




    2.Burkert flow sensor 


    Burket flow sensor




    3.Burkert  liquid level sensor


    Burker liquid level sensor







The main models:





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