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Brand logo:Contrinex

Brand introduction:

Contrinex main production of inductance and a photoelectric proximity switch. Since its founding in 1972, Contrinex has been dedicated to industrial development, production and sales of position sensor. The growing size of the company, has now grown to more than 400 people.

Many years ago, proximity switch Contrinex is now a lot of imitation of the first 4mm/M5 diameter (400 Series) on the market. These years, adds to the many small proximity switch, including diameter 3mm, switch with built-in amplifier, LED, short circuit protection and other (300 series).

In 1982, Contrinex took the first considered long sensing distance can not realize the proximity switch (500 Series) on the market. Now some manufacturers began producing long distance proximity switch, and the formation of an important market segmentation. But the long distance is no match for Contrinex sensor to achieve the.

At the same time, proximity switch Contrinex also launched another series of ultra high performance: all metal packaging, on the non ferromagnetic metallic and ferromagnetic metal can realize the long distance detection (700 series).

In 1988, Contrinex introduced a compact, high quality photoelectric proximity switch, set a new standard for small photoelectric switch. The latest breakthrough is the diameter 4mm/M5 new switch, set of transmitter and receiver, amplifier, LED and conventional protection in one. This has greatly increased the scope of application of the photoelectric switch.

Main products: Contrinex sensor,Contrinex  proximity switch, Contrinex induction sensor, Contrinex photoelectric sensor, Contrinex relay

1. Contrinex proximity switch


Contrinex proximity switch




2. Contrinex sensor


Contrinex sensor




3.Contrinex relay


Contrinex relay




4.Contrinex magnetic switch


Contrinex magnetic switch




The main models:

The 600 Series

DW-AD-601-M18-120 DW-AD-602-M18-120 DW-AD-607-M18

DW-AD-603-M18-120 DW-AD-604-M18-120 DW-AD-608-M18

DW-AD-601-M18 DW-AD-602-M18 DW-AS-607-M18-002

DW-AD-603-M18 DW-AD-604-M18 DW-AS-608-M18-002

DW-AS-601-M18-120 DW-AS-601-M18-120

DW-AS-603-M18-120 DW-AS-604-M18-120

DW-AS-601-M18-002 DW-AS-602-M18-002

DW-AS-603-M18-002 DW-AS-604-M18-002

DW-AD-611-M18-120 DW-AD-611-M18-120

DW-AD-613-M18-120 DW-AD-613-M18-120

DW-AD-611-M18 DW-AD-611-M18

DW-AD-613-M18 DW-AD-614-M18

DW-AS-611-M18-120 DW-AS-612-M18-120 DW-AD-617-M18

DW-AS-613-M18-120 DW-AS-614M18-120 DW-AD-618-M18

DW-AS-611-M18-002 DW-AS-612-M18-002 DW-AS-617-M18

DW-AS-613-M18-002 DW-AS-614-M18-002 DW-AS-618-M18

The 620 series





The 700 series

DW-AD-701-M18 DW-AD-702-M18

DW-AD-703-M18 DW-AD-704-M18

DW-AS-701-M18-002 DW-AS-702-M18-002

DW-AS-703-M18-002 DW-AS-704-M18-002

The 500 Series

DW-AD-501-M18-120 DW-AD-502-M18-120

DW-AD-503-M18-120 DW-AD-504-M18-120

DW-AD-501-M18-120 DW-AD-502-M18

DW-AD-503-M18 DW-AD-504-M18

DW-AS-501-M18-120 DW-AS-502-M18-120

DW-AS-503-M18-120 DW-AS-504-M18-120

DW-AS-501-M18-002 DW-AS-502-M18-002

DW-AS-503-M18-002 DW-AS-504-M18-002

DW-AD-511-M18-120 DW-AD-512-M18-120

DW-AD-513-M18-120 DW-AD-514-M18-120

DW-AD-511-M18 DW-AD-512-M18

DW-AD-513-M18 DW-AD-514-M18

DW-AS-511-M18-120 DW-AS-512-M18-120

DW-AS-513-M18-120 DW-AS-514-M18-120

DW-AS-511-M18-002 DW-AS-512-M18-002

DW-AS-513-M18-002 DW-AS-514-M18-002

The 700 series

DW-AD-711-M18 DW-AD-712-M18

DW-AD-713-M18 DW-AD-714-M18

DW-AS-711-M18-002 DW-AS-712-M18-002

DW-AS-713-M18-002 DW-AS-714-M18-002

The 600 Series

DW-AD-601-M30-120 DW-AD-602-M30-120 DW-AD-607-M30

DW-AD-603-M30-120 DW-AD-604-M30-120 DW-AD-608-M30

DW-AD-601-M30 DW-AD-602-M30

DW-AD-603-M30 DW-AD-604-M30

DW-AS-601-M30-120 DW-AS-602-M30-120

DW-AS-603-M30-120 DW-AS-604-M30-120

DW-AS-601-M30-002 DW-AS-602-M30-002 DW-AS-607-M30-002

DW-AS-603-M30-002 DW-AS-604-M30-002 DW-AS-608-M30-002

DW-AD-611-M30-120 DW-AD-612-M30-120

DW-AD-613-M30-120 DW-AD-614-M30-120

DW-AD-611-M30 DW-AD-612-M30 DW-AD-617-M30

DW-AD-613-M30 DW-AD-614-M30 DW-AD-618-M30

DW-AS-611-M30-120 DW-AS-612-M30-120

DW-AS-613-M30-120 DW-AS-614-M30-120

DW-AS-611-M30-002 DW-AS-612-M30-002 DW-AS-617-M30-002

DW-AS-613-M30-002 DW-AS-614-M30-002 DW-AS-618-M30-002

The 700 series

DW-AD-701-M30 DW-AD-702-M30

DW-AD-703-M30 DW-AD-704-M30

DW-AS-701-M30-002 DW-AS-702-M30-002

DW-AS-703-M30-002 DW-AS-704-M30-002



LLK-1180-000 M18 (the opposite type) 20000mm


LLK-1180-000 M18


LLS-1180-000 M18


LLS-1180-000 M18


LLK-1180-000 M18


LLK-1180-000 M18


LLS-1180-000 M18


LLS-1180-000 M18


LTS-1180-301 M18 (diffuse type) 600mm

LTK-1180-303 LTS-1180-303 M18

LTK-1180-101 LTK-1180-303 M18

LTK-1180-103 LTK-1180-301 M18

LTK-1180-101 LTS-1180-101 M18

LTK-1180-103 LTS-1180-103 M18

DF-AD-601-C1717 17 * 17mm square, 5mm detection distance, Qi Ping

DF-AD-603-C1717 17 * 17mm square, 5mm detection distance, Qi Ping

DF-AD-611-C1717 17 * 17mm square, 8mm detection distance, non flush

DF-AD-613-C1717 17 * 17mm square, 8mm detection distance, non flush

PTK-5555-320-3 diffuse reflection, 30 cm, IP65

PTK-5555-320-10 diffuse reflection, 100 cm, IP65

PTK-5555-320-20 diffuse reflection, 200 cm, IP65

PRK-5555-320-20 reflection plate, 2 meters, IP65

PRK-5555-320-30 reflection plate, 3 meters, IP65

PRK-5555-320-40 reflection plate, 4 meters, IP65

PLK-5555-320-30 on the radio, 3 meters, IP65

PLK-5555-320-100 on the radio, 10 meters, IP65

PLK-5555-320-200 on the radio, 20 meters, IP65









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