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Release time:2014-05-07Browse the number:2153

Brand logo:Dwyer

Brand introduction:

American Dwyer Instrument Manufacturing Co. Ltd is a company of the differential pressure, temperature, liquid level and flow measurement, instrumentationtransmission and control and other aspects have many instruments and has strongcompetitiveness in the price of manufacturing company.

Main products: Dwyer transmitter, Dwyer pressure switch, Dwyer pressure gauge, Dwyer flow meter, Dwyer differential pressure gauge

1.   Dwyer transmitter

Dwyer transmitter

2.   Dwyer pressure switch


Dwyer pressure switch



3. Dwyer  differential pressure gauge

Dwyer differential pressure gauge



4. Dwyer pressure gauge

Dwyer pressure




The main models:

The 763764 series

DPGA, DPGW series

CC series

DPG-100 series


TEFG series

DPG-000 series

TPG series

PPMG system

PPG series

FBG series

BTG series

GTG series

SGC series

SGO series

UGE, UGF series

UNOG series

SGP series

UGC, UGD series

MINEG series

LPG4 series

UGB series

35W series

LPG3 series

UGA series

HSG series

LPG2 series

AAG series

CONG series

LPG1 series


SAEG series

SGX, SGF series

FGA, FGS series

SG3A series

SGX, SGF series

FG series

SSD series


SGA series

SGK series

SGB series

SGD, SGT series

SGS series

SGI series

SGL series full

1000W series


The 477 series

DPG-100 series

The 610 series

616WL series

The 647 series

The 655 series

The 655 series

616D series

616D series

The 629 series

The 629 series

616616C series

WWDP series

616K series

631B series

636D series

616K series

The 621 series

616OT series

The Dwyer 645 series

The 608 series

DM-2000 series

The 668 series

MS series

The 607 series

Type 605

The 610 series



The 636 series

The 679 series


The 682 series

The 642 series

The 673 series

637S series

The 626 series

The 637 series

IS626 series

The 7116 series

The 681 series

FDT series

MHS series

CXA series

The 619 series

DP series


A4 series

PDPS series

PG series

ADPS series

The 1996 series

The 1620 Department

1950G series

The 1630 series

MDA series

MDS series

The 43000 series




The Dwyer 629 series

The Dwyer 629 series

Dwyer A1F

Dwyer A1F


The 1823 series

The 1800 Series


3000MR series

3000MRS series

H3 series

A3000 series

The 1950 series

DH series

2-5000 series


The 4000 series

The 1910 series

The 2000 series

CX series

A7 series

SGR, SGJ series

ES series

A9 series

The 7000 series

1000E series

A6 series


DSGT series

APS, AVS series

7000B series

DPG-200 series

A1PS, A1VS series

The 761762 series

CS, CD series

AP series

1230/1235 series

The 424 series


200/300 series

HM35 series

The 100 series


The 1227 series

1221/1222/1223 series

The 1213 series

The 490 series

HM28 series

477A series

475-FM series




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