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Brand logo:E+H

Brand introduction:

Endress+Hauser (referred to as E+H company) is a professional production and sales of industrial automation instrument transnational group company, its products cover the material level, pressure, flow rate, temperature, system analysis, and tank farm,recorder and communication and other industrial measuring instruments, is a worldwide one of the leaders of the self field. E+H was founded in 1953,headquartered in Switzerland, with more than 40 branches all over the world, with more than 5800 employees in the research, development, production, sales and maintenance. In Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan, American world industrial country set up large scale production center, its strict quality management andcomplete quality assurance system has reached the international standard ISO9001.Linked market is one of the important factors to develop high quality, high reliability of instrument, for over 40 years, E+H company by contacting the market closely, and constantly develop marketable products, benefit, and has become a full range ofsuppliers.

The 1:CPM253-MR0005:PH transmitter


    Endress+Hause Transmitter

Product application

And sewage treatment

And the neutralization reaction

And detoxification (plating)

And water treatment

And hydrological monitoring

The properties of the product

- site installation or panel mounted transmitter

- General

PH and redox measurements (mV or%) through software switch resection

And simple operation

- the menu structure reasonable, six languages, make the configuration more convenient

- two line display measurable value and temperature display at the same time

Calibration is simple, with the aid of the CAL key to realize the two calibration

Use safety

(Lei Dian) - overvoltage protection, in line with the EN61000-4-5 standard

Manual contact output

- reasonableness test calibration

- Custom alarm contacts and fault current

The basic unit can be extended:

2 or 4 contacts for:

- limiting contact (also can be used as a temperature)

P (ID) controller

Flushing process timer

- chemical cleaning completely

Extending the software package

- any current output configuration

Alarm or exceeds the limit start automatic cleaning

- suitable for pH glass electrode and the reference electrode sensor monitoring system

- probe activity detection

Neutralization reaction controller special


Second the current output for temperature

2: CPS11D-7BA21:PH electrode



    e+h Transmitter

Product application

Process technology and monitoring

- paper

- plastic chemical

Power plant (e.g., soot scrubber)

Calcination plant

- food industry (for example, fermentation tank)

- brewery

And water treatment

- drinking water

Cooling water

- well

The properties of the product

Use PTFE large ring diaphragm ensures the durability of electrode

And biocompatibility

And can be used under the pressure of 6bar/87psi

- steam sterilization

And long service life

* for high alkaline glass

And optional internal Pt100 or Pt1000 temperature sensor, used for accurate temperature compensation

TOP 68 is inserted into the system for the reliable measurement of transmission

And three kinds of length is optional: 120mm, 225mm, 360mm

PH composite electrode with Pt100 temperature sensor

- just an electrode mounting position and a connecting cable

Continuous, accurate, pH measurement system with temperature compensation

ESA type TOP 68 connector, waterproof grade IP 68

More advantages based on MEMOSENS Technology

By the non-contact induction signal transmission to achieve maximum securityprocess

Safety digital data transmission

The sensor special data storage function, easy to operate

The sensor load data pre registered instrument maintenance

3: FMU30-AAHEABGHF: ultrasonic level meter              

    E+h Transmitter



  Product application

Sewage lifting pumping station, sewage treatment pool

And waste water, mud, lime slurry underground oil tank

And good fluidity of solid powder, granule

The properties of the product:

And the liquid range: 5M OR 8M


- resolution: 1mm

And precision: + 3 mm OR 0.2%

And blind area: 25cm OR 35cm

And the power supply: 24VDC (standard); 220VAC (optional)

Ben: clear display multiple lines of text, graphic display envelope display

And the output: 4-20mA

And process connection: 1-1/2 "(5m), 2" (8m)

And housing material: transparent F16 plastic display cover

And protection grade: IP68

- explosion proof: Eex IA

4:FDU91-RG4AA: ultrasonic level meter




  Product application

Sewage lifting pumping station, sewage treatment pool

And waste water, mud, lime slurry underground oil tank

And good fluidity of solid powder, granule

The properties of the product:

FMU90 is equipped with 1 or 2 ultrasonic probes, FMU95 is equipped with 5 or 10 ultrasonic probes.

And the maximum range of 70 meters

And can limit the measurement (maximum 6 relay)

And the multi-stage pump control (Interactive), grid control

And can carry out the flow measurement of open channel and measuring weir in the media

It can be used in the field or control room

A Chinese operation interface

Correction of ultrasonic operation time, through internal or external sensor.

- "TOF-Tool-FieldTool Package" provided by the operation of the software users can easily debug instrumentation.

And common canal / weir flow measuring linear table is preset, the user can freely choose.

The flow curve online integrated computational canal / weir in the medium flow.

And through the HART or PROFIBUS DP system integration.

Automatic recognition of FDU series 9x probe

And can be used together with a series of FDU8x probe

5: FTM50-AGJ2A4A32AA: tuning fork level meter     




   Product application

Soliphant M is used for powder, fine particle bulk and low density bulk detected limit switch. Variety complete, wide application, can be used for the dangerous area of dust or flammable gas.

FTM 50: integration of type, can be in any position in the installation, a variety of different types are available, widely used.

Example: the short fork, stainless steel shell (F15); standard fork, polyester shell(F16)

FTM 51: with the extension pipe, the maximum 4m, can be installed in any position

Example: aluminum shell (T13) connection chamber EEx de with independent

FTM 52: with the cable, the maximum 20m, top mounted

Example: aluminum shell (F17)

Typical application: grain, flour, milk powder, cocoa powder, sugar, animal feed,washing powder, dye, powder, lime, cement, sand, plastic particles

The properties of the product

The leading products, bulk material limit detection, since 1967 has been put intopractical application

E. without calibration: the operation is simple, economical and practical (plug and play)

And no mechanical parts: long service life

On the external vibration and bond insensitive: maintenance free

, switch state through the meter cover the mirror display, easy monitoring

And a variety of electronic plug-in, for example: NAMUR, a relay, a thyristor, PFM- signal output, can be used with the plant control system connection

Through the transparent cover plastic F10 can monitor the switch state and the simple operation

- a short fork (fork length 100mm)

And the optional accumulation and wear display

And optional density setting and switching delay

6: FTL260-1020: tuning fork level switch




    Product application

Liquiphant is a kind of liquid limit switch, suitable for storage tank with agitator tank and pipeline. It can be used as a float switch substitute, used in packing, disturbance, liquidflow and bubble occasion.

The properties of the product

And compact structure, small installation space, can be installed in a limited space

* stainless steel shell, solid

, switch state and external simple control test

And the plug-in connection, low cost

7:FTL50-ATC2AA4G5A: tuning fork level meter


    Product application

Liquiphant M is suitable for various kinds of liquid:

Temperature range: -40 degrees C (special requirements can be... +150 to -50...+150 DEG C)

- the maximum allowed medium pressure: 64bar

- the maximum allowed medium viscosity: 10000mm2/S

- the minimum allowable medium density: 0.5g/cm3 or 0.7g/cm3

Is not affected by the medium flow, disturbance, bubble, bubble, vibration, solid particles and adhesion, floating ball switch is an ideal substitute.

FTL 50: integrated design, suitable for pipeline installation or to install the place

FTL 51: with the extension tube, up to a maximum of 3M (special requirements to 6m)

FTL 50H, FTL 51H: belt polishing process connection fork body, shell, easy cleaning,suitable for food and pharmaceutical industry

Use of Hastelloy C4 (2.4610) of the fork body material and process connection head,suitable for corrosive liquid

Using EEx IA, EEx de and EEx D explosion-proof housing, suitable for explosive dangerous zone

The properties of the product

And can be used for functional safety requirements for security in SIL2 system, follow the IEC61508/IEC61511-1 standard

And a variety of process connections available forms

And a variety of electronic plug-ins, such as NAMUR, a relay, a thyristor, PFM signal output: with a variety of control system connection

E. without calibration: fast, low start

And no mechanical moving parts: maintenance free, no abrasion, long service life

And the fork body corrosion monitoring: has guarantee function

FDA certified material (PFA Edlon)

8: 50W80-UC0A1AA0AAAA: electromagnetic flowmeter




    Product application

A minimum conductivity of more than 5 S/cm of the liquid can be measured:

And drinking water

And sewage

And wastewater sludge

The minimum conductivity measurement deionized water needs of more than 20 S/cm

The properties of the product

Nominal diameter 2000 - DN25...

And hard rubber or polyurethane lining

And the length of the assembly line with DVGW and ISO

And the measuring accuracy is high, is conducive to improve the quality of process control:

Promag 50: + 0.5% (optional: + 0.2%)

Promag 53: + 0.2%

And service and maintenance simple and accurate

There is no need to remove the sensor field calibration:

- equipment maintenance optimization

- can be integrated with QA system

- solid on-site installation shell IP 67

IP 67 wall shell can be directly installed on the remote type

Promag 53 with a photosensitive key:

External operation - no need to open the enclosure

* for quick set menu site direct communication

Communication interface can be connected and a variety of process control system:

Standard HATR interface

- Promag 50:PROFIBUS-PA

Promag 53:PROFIBUS-PA/-DP Foundation Fieldbus

9:80F80-AD2SAAC1AAAA: mass flowmeter




   Product application

Effect of the Coriolis force measurement principle is not affected by the fluid physical properties, such as viscosity and density

High precision measurement of liquid and gas, such as: oil, lubricants, fuel oil,liquefied petroleum gas, solvent, edible oil and gas compression (CNG)

And the medium temperature can be as high as +350 DEG C

And the process pressure up to 350bar

And mass flow measurement can reach 2200t/h (DN8... DN250)

With a variety of process control communication interface connected system


And the second chamber (up to 100bar), the pressure equipment directive, SIL-2

The properties of the product

Multivariable measuring, which can simultaneously measure the mass flow rate,density, temperature

The Proline transmitter

And efficient modular instrument

And additional software packages, provide the batch control, concentrationmeasurement function

And self diagnosis function and the function of data backup can improve the process quality

The Promass sensor

Multi variable flow measurement, integration design

Double - balance measurement system, strong earthquake

And firm structure, effectively resist the pressure of a pipeline

And convenient installation

And precision

Liquid Promass80: + 0.15%

Promass83: + 0.10%

Gas: + 0.35%

10: CUM253-TU0005: turbidity analyzer transmitter




   Product application

Sewage treatment plant, measuring the concentration of suspended solids

And enterprises discharge treatment

Water treatment and hydrological monitoring

And drinking water

And surface water: River, lake, sea

And industrial water

And indirect emissions

And circulating water

The properties of the product

- site installation or panel mounted transmitter

Universal type

Measurement of turbidity and suspended solid concentration

Unit: FNU (formazine standard) ppm, g/l or%SS,%

And simple operation

- the menu structure reasonable, six languages, make the configuration more convenient

- two line display measurable value and temperature display at the same time

- the use of user sample liquid, easy calibration, with calibration fault alarm

Use safety

- overvoltage protection, in line with the EN61000-4-5 standard

Manual contact control

- Custom alarm contacts and fault current

- formazine standard suspension and SiO2 suspension factory calibration

Sensor automatic recognition, with calibration data transmission

The basic unit can be extended:

2 or 4 contacts for:

- limiting contact (also can be used as a temperature)

P (ID) controller

Flushing process timer

- chemical cleaning completely

Extending the software package

Current output configuration

Alarm or exceeds the limit start automatic cleaning

- can display other variables (such as density)

- probe activity detection


Second the current output for temperature




The main models:



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