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Brand logo:Elletta

Brand introduction:

Eletta opened in late fortieth Century, since then the name has been adopted by many industries around the world have been synonymus and flow monitoring. In thetraffic monitor and flowmeter, which is the initial patent design, very powerful, reliable,and therefore very suitable for installation in the rugged and bad industrialenvironment. The patent is still the main part of today's products plan related.

Annual output comes to APX. The 15000 unit, which is installed, from our Huddingesouth Sweden Stockholm shipping facilities. To a clear trend is more complex and sophisticated model can be discerned. Although the traditional Eletta customer is to find a safe and reliable products with a long life, and with the least amount of service,he can always find such a "classic" series.

The manufacture of Eletta and three main groups of traffic monitor and flowmeter;

Flowmeter and flow monitoring based on equipped with an orifice plate differential pressure principle

Flow switch with variable region

The vane type flow switch

The first mention of the group are two technology dominated as a commercial point of view. Eletta flow provides you with six types of mechanical and electromechanical flow monitoring. M- series meter, it is based on the pressure sensor, is a fully electronicflowmeter and orifice plate. The meter is designed to measure the liquid, the gas can also be used as a DP transmitter. With this model, the flow rate of Eletta requires asignificant step towards higher precision, stability and flexibility.

Main products: Eletta flowmeter M3 series, D series, A series, R series, S series, V series, TIVG series, S0 series, SP-G, SP-GA, EF-G, PR1

1 Eletta -- M3 series


Eletta flowmeter




2. Eletta——D series


Eletta flowmeter




3. Eletta——A series






4. Eletta——R series


Eletta flowmeter




5. Eletta——S series


Eletta flowmeter




6. Eletta——V series


Eletta flowmeter




7. Eletta——TIVG series






8. Eletta——S0 series


Eletta flowmeter




9. Eletta——SP-G


Eletta flowmeter




10. Eletta——SP-GA






11. Eletta——EF-G






12. Eletta——PR1






The main models:



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