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Brand logo:Fife

Brand introduction:

Founded 70 years FIFE has, is the world's first set of manufacturing automatic error correcting system and the inventor. FIFE correction system can provide variousaccording to your demand different detection methods: with edge rectification,rectification with line, fixed on the correction, movable centering rectification,MAGPOWR tension control can provide different control system, such as tensionmonitoring system, artificial tension control system, the open loop tracking arm tension control system and so on, provides the MAGPOWR tension controller, MAGPOWRreader, MAGPOWR tension tension detector, MAGPOWR brake and MAGPOWRclutch, can flexibly set up the most suitable tension control system you need.

Main products: FIFE correction controller, FIFE rectification rectification sensor, FIFEdrive, FIFE mobile roller bracket

    Fife Guiding System





The main models:

FIFE-500,P51S-1,SE-11,Pro-Trac 200




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