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Brand logo:Funke

Brand introduction:

Funke is a leading manufacturer of heat exchanger area, we use thermodynamic optimization provides the most practical solution for industry design. Our products meet the international system and the standard, in addition to the production of standard products, but also the production of customized products to our customers.We can produce sterile type heater according with FDA standard, and give full consideration to the needs of each customer.

Main products: Funke tube shell type heat exchanger, plate type heat exchanger, the Funke Funke oil / air cooling device, Funke electric oil preheater

1.Funke shell and tube type heat exchanger

    Funke heat exchanger



    2.Funke plate heat exchanger (Okan series, Okan II series, Okan III Series)




    3.Funke oil / air cooling device

    Funke heat exchanger



    4.Funke electric oil preheater






The main models:



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