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Brand logo:Hemomatik

Brand introduction:

   Sweden Hemomatik company was founded in 1972, is the Scandinavia peninsulamanufacturing, import, sales of various automation products. The Hemomatik sensoris a leading position in the flow sensor production more than 35 years of productionbusiness. For industrial control system, industry standard liquid flow sensor is developed, its reputation is built very reliable in the flow sensor production quality and world-class production capacity. The main products of HEMOMATIK company with a flow sensor, sensor, liquid level switch, pressure gauge, pressure gauge, flow meter,switch, encoder, a digital display meter etc.. Its products are widely used inautomation in iron and steel plant, power plant control system.

Hemomatik with some of the original manufacturer cooperation, at the same time to become experts in these fields. Shenzhen city as the industrial areas of the suppliers with Ruida science and technology limited company, providing professionalautomation products of the highest quality for customers, such as inductance,capacitance, photoelectric, ultrasonic sensor, position sensor, and a number of otherliquid level, pressure, flow, temperature sensor and so on. At the same time, for themachinery manufacturers, company HEMOMATIK sensor can also be customized or special cables and connectors provide complete solutions.

Main products: Hemomatik flow sensor, Hemomatik sensor, Hemomatik liquid level switch, Hemomatik encoder, Hemomatik switch, Hemomatik pressure gauge,pressure gauge, flow meter, Hemomatik Hemomatik Hemomatik digital display meter


    1. Hemomatik Flow sensor

    Hemomatik flow sensor



    2. Hemomatik Safety sensor

    Hemomatik safety sensor



    3. Hemomatik Liquid level switch





The main models:

AC系列、AC1系列、AC2系列、2006 4F44 、20062F66 、2008 4F17 、2008 4F23 、2008 4F44、 2008 2F66 、SBCR03、SH 、TH、 SH-IC、 TH-IC




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