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Release time:2014-05-08Browse the number:2010

Brand logo:Hydratight

Brand introduction:

Hydratight is a business unit of the utility power under the brand, its global coverage,has the world first-class management standards and local infrastructure service website. Hydratight has more than 30 strategic bases all over the world, can providequick and effective solutions for the energy field of the business.

The main products: tensile, spanner, Morgrip connector, on-site processing, ultrasonic testing instrument and auxiliary products

1 Hydratight stretching device

    1.    Hydratight Stretcher    Hydratight streching



    2.    Hydratight hydraulic nut

    Hydratight hydraulic nut



    3.    Hydratight Wrench


    Hydratight wrench




    4.    Hydratight Milling machine


    Hydratight Milling machine


    5.    Morgrip pipe connector


    Hydratight Morgrip pipe connector








The main models:



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