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Brand logo:Hydrotechnik

Brand introduction:


  Hydrotechnik , the British Limited is test and measurement equipmentof Britain's leading distributors and manufacturers, since 1990 widely used inindustrial field.

Hydrotechnik has a huge range of minimess test point of the product mix, adapter test point, high micropore hose assembly, pressure gauge and simulation test, the test suite minimess charging, sampling bleeding or almost anyliquid or gas.

Hydrotechnik  company provides digital hydraulic test and analysis of measurement sensors and data acquisition equipment, large range of. Sensor for measuring our including pressure, flow, accurate and quick measurement and performance analysis of hydraulic system or process of the portable data recordermultihandy or multiple systems for such as temperature and speed.

Hydrotechnik equipment because of its high quality, ease of use andflexibility are all over the world professional choice.

The main products:

1 pressure test points, hose and kit

Pressure 1620161512151604, STECK series adopts screw big range, in steel or stainless steel tube, the adapter bulkhead or instrument. The oil, water, gas test,charge or sampling.

DN2 or Dn4mm diameter hose up to 630 bar work there is a huge range of joint insteel plate or stainless steel plate end pressure. Permanent or temporary use of wide range of media compatibility.

Portable pressure simulation test kit with a wide range of thread, the test pointselection and pressure gauge series. Service Engineer ideal.



2 measuring devices and sensors

(1) instrument, switch and display

The scope of our comprehensive hydraulic testing equipment is of the highest quality,so that the hydraulic test easier and very accurate.

63 mm and diameter 100mm simulation pressure gauge accuracy up to 700 bar have+ 1.6%. The case of St.steel brass internal, glycerin filled.

75 mm digital pressure gauge with 0.5% accuracy up to 600 bar. Numerical and 0-100% bar graph display. Minimum / maximum storage. 2 AA batteries.

Pressure switch / pressure gauge fashion two can set the switch up to 700 bar value.The 4-20mA output. External power supply required for the 30V DC 15...

Install LED display panel frequency or high speed analog signal

    <img alt="Hydrotechnik sensor data-cke-saved-src=" uploadfiles="" images="" 2014="" 5="" 20140508015049422.jpg"="" src="/UploadFiles/Images/2014/5/20140508015049422.jpg" title="Hydrotechnikb sensor">




(2) digital measure and data recording Kit

The data recorder is electronic equipment digital data is recorded in a period of time.They are generally small, battery powered, designed for portable, easy to use, but some may be a bit high, is not an independent device, but need some software to activate and let them use.

Hydrotechnikb provides the solution is high speed scanning your perfect, range,accuracy and reliability of the instrument and sensor needs high quality. They allow you to get this helps to find fault, occurs before the performance decline orcatastrophic failure data.

All of our data recording device has a powerful HYDROcom6 software package, this is the best one of the existing hydraulic diagnosis software package.

    Hydrotechnik sensor




(3) sensor and converter

Hydrotechnick provides the measuring and test a variety of sensors, flow, pressure,temperature, velocity, current, voltage and so on measurable factors.

Measurement and test sensor is electronic sensors, are usually designed for studies using a set of test equipment, development or for personal users. The sensor can also be used for industrial and technological system for permanent installation.

The scope of our comprehensive measuring sensor and measuring sensor, ensure that lets you quickly and accurately, reliable results.

    Hydrotechnik Pressure sensor









The main models:



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