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Brand logo:Innominate

Brand introduction:


    Innomimate security technology company is a leading manufacturer of network security equipment used in industrial environments. The nameless strategic business area lies in the industrial network, remote and security through the Internet to maintain security solutions and other fields. The mGuard product line, through the OEM partners (original equipment manufacturer) and the network of national and international partners of unknown.

    With the development of network security equipment, its mGuard product line, ring provides router, firewall, VPN, QoS and intrusion detection function matching, supplemented by a highly extensible device management software. The device, which is both easy to install and repair, can in the production system, or connected to the continuous operation of the existing system by combining the upstream.

    Main products:INNOMINATE mGuardFirmware:mGuardrs4000 3G、




                    mGuard RS2000 3G、mGuard rs4000、mGuard RS2000、mGuard delta²、mGuard pci² SD、mGuard pci、mGuard centerport等。                 












mGuard industrial safety products      








    mGuardrs4000 3G

    ·        Industrial equipment DIN rail mounting

    ·        For GPRS, the safety of cellular routers UMTS and CDMA network.

    ·        Wide area network card redundancy and SIM, GPS / GLONASS receiver

   The DMZ port and the integration of the 4 switch port management

    Innominate Commodity management switch



    mGuard RS2000 3G

    ·        Industrial equipment DIN rail mounting

    ·        Cellular VPN router for GPRS, UMTS and CDMA network

    ·        SIM card redundancy, GPS / GLONASS receiver

    4 port switch integrated, easy to click the "'2 firewall


    Innominate firewall




    ·       Robust, fanless industrial firewall equipment

    ·        The ideal distributed fault safety, safety requirements

    Machinery and equipment safety of infrastructure of remote maintenance.



    Innominate firewall




    ·       Robust, no fan of industrial equipment

    ·        Suitable for DIN rail mounting

  The application of remote maintenance is very suitable for high security


    Innominate Router




    mGuard Industry RS

    ·        Analog modem industrial firewall / VPN device with optional

    ·        Ordering the last shipment before December 31, 2013, until 2014 December

    ·        All other variants was discontinued in September 30, 2012

    The recommended alternative:mGuardrs4000 | mGuard RS2000


  Innominate Router




    mGuard Delta

    ·        The metal shell is stable and compact

    ·        Security firewall between the office and production relatedenvironment

    The official successor of mGuard Delta


    Innominate Router




    mGuard Intelligent²

    ·        Portable security device

    ·        Suitable for fixed and mobile applications using

   The official successor of mGuard intelligent


    Innominate Router







                    mGuard PCI²SD  | mGuard PCIE²SD                 


                    ·         PCI / PCI express compatible security in a single component

                    ·         High data throughput, VPN and firewall                 


                    ·          Suitable for use in a production environment                














                    mGuard PCI                 


                    ·         Firewall / VPN product card format in the low profile PCI                 


                    ·          Ordering the last shipment before December 31, 2013, until 2014 December               


                    ·          All other variants will terminate in June 30, 2013                


                    ·         The recommended alternative:mGuard PCI²SD                 











    mGuard centerport

    ·        High end firewall / VPN gateway in a 19 inch rack mounting format

    ·        The remote service center network infrastructure solutions

  Gigabit Ethernet interface






    mGuard bladepack

    ·        Suitable for integration in a 19 inch rack system

    ·        The installation of up to 12 blade may

   Automatic recovery mechanism







The main models:



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