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Brand introduction:

Switzerland KELLER Measurement Technology Co Ltd is a world famous diffusedsilicon piezoresistive pressure sensor manufacturers. With a strong R & D capability,complete product range, from the industrial type low price to meet the requirements of high precision laboratory. Product types include diffusion silicon pressure sensor,transmitter, ceramic capacitance pressure transmitter, the diffusion of silicon andceramic capacitive liquid level transmitter, digital pressure gauge, pressure gaugeetc.. Extensive use of products, pressure measuring system can be applied inaviation, ship, train, automobile, petroleum logging, petrochemical, nuclear power,hydropower, thermal power plant, water conservancy, environmental protectionindustry, food and beverage industry, metallurgy industry, all kinds of power equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration, University and research institutions and other fields.

1.KELLER digital pressure gauge

In need of on-site display, provides a pressure monitoring scheme of highperformance price ratio KELLER digital pressure gauge. Its characteristics includeminimum and maximum value display, optional pressure unit, 5kHz high frequencyand data recording function. The table standing for fuel pressure gauge, pressuregauge and pressure gauge. Previously all applications benefit from the advanced technology of the KELLER -100% factory production, digital pressure gauge KELLERcombined pressure advanced sensor technology and micro processor based circuittechnology, to produce have excellent performance in a wide temperature range of products. Both the hydraulic fault detection system or a military vehicle air suspension, KELLER digital pressure gauge products can provide a more lasting solution simple.







2 KELLER pressure transmitter

The core body, the KELLER sensor, transmitter products have a considerable parthave benefited from the use of piezoresistive silicon diffusion technology. From thegeneral purpose industrial pressure sensor to automotive pressure sensors, and then to the high precision pressure transmitter suitable for commercial and military aircraft,KELLER can provide technical solutions for very few problem of pressure measurement. Comprehensive accuracy of our 33X (including the temperature error)can reach 0.01%, while the 21Y series more suitable for a variety of economic type / mass production equipment supporting the use, 39X series of products for its superiordouble absolute pressure differential pressure measurement technology and widepraise, 41X series is an effective tool for micro pressure measurement. All models arecomposed of KELLER Switzerland production, reliable has been our highest demand on product.

The main models: 21G, 21PY, 21Y, 22DT, 22M/S, 23/25, 23 (S) Y/25Y, 33X/35X, 41X,23 (S) Ei/26Ei, 33X Ei/35X Ei, 35X HT (T)



3 KELLER embedded liquid level transmitter





Liquid level transmitter KELLER is known for reliability and economy of great, smallvolume and built-in signal regulating function, at any level sensor occasions, can be quickly installed. The most commonly used is the input type level transmitter, the transmitter is often used in the display and control system / supporting compatible, forwater level display or water level control. Liquid level transmitter KELLER can be used in high reliability and accuracy of the occasion, or as other liquid level transmitter and the container liquid level transmitter, 36XW series liquid level transmitter KELLER bystable piezoresistive sensor and embedded 16 bit A/D converter of micro processingtechnology of electronic components. Digital compensation of temperaturecharacteristics and nonlinear sensor. The use of READ30 software and K-107 cable,after the calculation of pressure can be displayed on a laptop or personal computer,can also make use of the READ30 software will signal and image information stored on the computer to. There can be at most 128 transmitter using bus system for simultaneous communication. Comprehensive reliability accuracy and high 0.1%FS, is an ideal tool for high precision level measurement.

The main models: 26W, 27W, 36XW, 36XS, 46X




4 KELLER automatic water level recorder

DCX series is a high precision tide gauge world leading, the water level measurement accuracy up to 0.02%FS, the single battery can work for more than 10 years, the built-in filter function, atmospheric pressure compensation function, the subsequent checkfunction, while the EEROM, guarantees a high degree of data security. After many years of accumulation of material science, the new technology provides all the titanium alloy is especially suitable for measuring ocean tide tide gauge, engineering plasticstide gauge, Hastelloy tide gauge, is a tide gauge, tide gauges, wave gauge, pressure gauge, the choice of optimal water level recorder.

As the core technology provider of world marine hydrostatic level measurement, wedirectly or indirectly provides the ocean depth measurement sensor over 50% of the world's, or OEM solution, if you have any questions, please contact the oceanmeasurement experts, Switzerland KELLER Shanghai office.

The main models: DCX-16, DCX-18 ECO, DCX-22, DCX-22 AA, GSM-2






5 KELLER OEM core and a sensor

KELLER is the world's largest diffusion silicon pressure sensor manufacturers, each year we produce more than 1000000 pieces of pressure sensor for underground oil,more than 50% of the world's oil drilling platform, sensor, thanks to our 30 years ofmanufacturing experience, with our ISO9000:2008 standard production, the machinepackage optimization makes all of the product performance is excellent, demandwhere, KELLER can provide solutions.

Main model: 3L... 10L series, 6 series, 8 series, 10 series, 11 series, 13 series






6 KELLER pressure calibrator

Pressure calibrator of KELLER company is used for pressure transmitter, pressure switch and pressure gauge calibration of high precision calibration instrument. Low and medium pressure using pressure mode, and high pressure is the use of hydraulic way. Relevant sensors and measurement of electronic part of the shell and generate pressure pump, high precision portable constitute the entire calibrator. Transmitter testdirectly connected to the pressure interface check instrument, signal directly read outand displayed, inner functions and characteristics of a variety of helping the user tocomplete a variety of measurement tasks. In addition, the serial interface allows themeasurement data can be transmitted to the PC for further processing. Checking instrument and accessories, will be provided with a suitable for field and outdoor applications strong portable suitcase. To meet the different needs, we providecalibrator two basic versions: standard type and incomplete type.




    Keller压力校验仪Portable pressure calibrator, from the micro pressure to high pressure optional

7 KELLER hand pump




    KELLER suitable for use with digital pressure gauge

Simple, independent of pressure generation

From the suction pressure to the 700bar

With portable suitcase










    8. KELLER接口转换器




    主要型号:ECO1LEO1LEO2LEO3LEO Record













The main models:



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