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Brand introduction:

The German Kuebler company is the world's leading industrial control and measurement of product manufacturers, involving the contents of sensor technology, instrument technology, process control technology. Related products are exported to 50 countries in the world, and in leading position in the market. Incremental Kuebler and absolute value encoder and magnetic ruler measurement technology, by virtue of superior technology, flexible installation, excellent mechanical performance, perfect after-sales service, in the global market share of the top spear, widely used in metallurgy, wind power, electric, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical and other fields.
The main products are: absolute single turn and multi turn absolute type encoder, incremental, used with reversing servo motor by phase signal encoder, the encoder for rack, metric measuring wheel, line driver encoder, electronic handwheel, intrinsically safe explosion-proof type encoder, with incremental output absolute single turn, for absolute encoder encoder turret tool change and with the industrial field bus interface absolute type encoder.Kuebler rotary encoder is Europe's most important and most scale, the most complete varieties coder, Kuebler coder are under strict condition after a long time testing, product quality can be strictly guaranteed at the same time, Kuebler's unique production management system to ensure the fastest delivery time. Kuebler encoder since entering the China market, has been widely used in motor, printing and packaging machinery, machine tools, metallurgy, textile machinery, elevators, and chemical industry etc..

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