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Brand introduction:

ESER is the biggest European safety valve manufacturers, is a global leader in safety valve, has more than 600 employees, annual production of more than 130000 valve.LESER respectively in Europe, the Middle East and Asia America, established 8 subsidiaries. In more than 80 countries, have be trained with regularity of partners, to ensure to provide customers consulting services for all industrial applications.

LESER has the most advanced technology and equipment, precision manufacturingthe highest quality of safety valve. Each assembly and commissioning of the safety valve is required to pass through at least one inspection before delivery, to ensure the quality and operation stability and reliability of the safety valve, and the 100%meet the requirement of the customer.

Safety valve for LESER personnel and environment protection, application areas include: chemical, petrochemical, industrial gas, oil and gas production, engineering company, and the food and pharmaceutical industries etc..

The main products:

Type LESER of the safety valve:

Leser safety valve

The high performance of API type safety valve safety valve compact type safety valvesafety valve to adjust the safety valve of high efficiency

Leser safety valve

Health and safety,valve safety,valve safety valve special effective, S & R safety valve

The main models:





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