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Parker Hannifenis a company headquartered in America Ohio Multi-National Corporation, founded in 1918, has now become the world's largest professional production and sales all kinds of refrigeration and air conditioning parts, hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid control products and components of the global company. The company is also USA stock standard ParkerLOGO[1] quasi stock index &.
Parker Hannifen fluid product Co. Ltd (ParkerHannifin) is a global leader in motion and control technologies and systems for diversified manufacturer, a wide range of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets provide accurate solution. In 2001, the company's global sales reached $8500000000. Parker Hannifen enters the market soon Chinese time, but due to the high quality products and high quality pre-sale after sale service, have achieved good sales performance. A very good application has been made in various industries. Its sales of more than $15000000000 in fiscal year 2011. The company has about 58000 employees in 48 countries around the world. Parker sent its annual dividend to shareholders for 53 consecutive years, the growth in the standard & Poor's 500 index of the longest Dividend Stocks among the top five. The world has more than 1400 of the most advanced systems and components production line equipment, transmission control in service to more than 1000 industrial and aerospace industries. Parker Hannifen Corporation is a company to provide users with hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical integration control scheme of the manufacturers, the company has the largest sales network in the field, there are more than 7500 vendors in the provision of services for customers all over the world 40000.
ParkerHannifin has emerged in China, many large projects, products with high quality, high performance and high technology, comprehensive access to all areas of China industry, from aerospace field, to the CRH project, to the metallurgy of steel and aluminum can see Parker shadow. In the field of construction machinery is in full bloom, Sany, Liugong, Xiagong etc. Parker are its biggest supplier of products; in the CNG compressed natural gas field, its product is known for its high quality in this domain, the CNG plus the trachea, trachea (natural gas tanker unloading and filling stations connecting line 1 "), instrumentation ball valves, card set of joint, safety valve, check valve filling machine, filling stations have become indispensable and important component, such as fast joint of H8-62, H8-63, HD-H8-63, the product is in short supply products in domestic, whether the tanker truck, the gas station or modification of tank cars are to be used for such products the.

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