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Brand logo:Rockwell

Brand introduction:

Rockwell Rockwell automation is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, industrial automation, is a Multi-National Corporation, to provide power, control and information technology class solution for manufacturing industry. Rockwell automation integrated industrial automation of the well-known brand, is committed to creating a complete automation solutions that help customers improve productivity. These brands include Alan - Bradley Allen-Bradley from control products and engineering services, and Rockwell software Rockwell Software from production of industrial control software. The company is a leading supplier of customer relationship management technology and application system, can help the enterprise to manage the customer relationship more efficiently.
Main products: Rockwell circuit breaker, Rockwell relay, Rockwell encoder, Rockwell controller, Rockwell motor etc.
1 Rockwell circuit breaker

Rockwell Circuit breaker



Rockwell Circuit breaker

2. Rockwell relay

Rockwell Relay

3. Rockwell Encoder 

Rockwell Encoder

4. Rockwell controller

Rockwell controller

5. Rockwell Electric machinery

Rockwell Electric machinery

The main models:



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